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Apex Business Park nominated for MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition

MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition

In a significant nod to its sustainable initiatives, Apex Business Park, developed by The GPT Group, has been nominated for the MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition. This recognition underscores the park’s commitment to pioneering sustainable practices within the logistics and warehousing sector, a crucial step towards a greener future.

Located in the burgeoning corridor between Brisbane and Ipswich, Apex Business Park stands out not only for its strategic location but also for its exemplary sustainability credentials. With facilities designed to achieve a minimum Five-Star Green Star Design and As-Built rating, the park embodies the cutting-edge of eco-friendly industrial development. Initiatives such as rooftop solar arrays, on-site batteries, and the use of low-carbon concrete highlight a comprehensive approach to reducing emissions and harnessing renewable energy sources.

Sustainability at Apex Business Park extends beyond energy efficiency. The park’s rainwater harvesting system, which supports both toilet facilities and landscaping, exemplifies a holistic environmental ethos. Moreover, the deployment of LED lighting and the choice of low volatile organic compound (VOC) materials, paints, and adhesives ensure a healthier environment for both the planet and the park’s workforce.

The MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition, aligning with the MEGATRANS2024 exhibition, seeks to celebrate such innovative efforts in warehouse sustainability. Apex Business Park’s nomination reflects its role as a frontrunner in integrating sustainable practices with logistical efficiency and operational excellence.

As businesses increasingly prioritise green certifications and employee wellbeing, Apex Business Park’s development by GPT, a company with a rich heritage in high-quality property development, sets a benchmark for the industry. With its comprehensive suite of sustainability-focused features and amenities designed to enhance staff wellbeing, Apex Business Park is not just a logistics hub but a blueprint for the future of sustainable industrial development.

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The GPT Group’s sustainable warehouse is the first entry to the MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition, making it eligible to be nominated for the coveted MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition Award, which will be handed to one lucky winner at Prime Creative Media’s Mercury Awards dinner gala on Wednesday September 18 — all part of the largest logistics conference in Australia, MEGATRANS.

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