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A MEGA showcase of sustainable warehouses

MEGATRANS2024 is set to be a showcase for advanced technology companies. Image: Prime Creative Media.

Melbourne will host an event for supply chain experts to explore strategies for achieving net-zero emissions in warehouses. MHD reports.

The supply chain and logistics sector is at a pivotal juncture in its pursuit of achieving lower carbon emissions within supply chains and warehousing operations.

Industry leaders and innovators will gather at MEGATRANS to discuss and demonstrate the essential steps toward realising the future of eco-friendly logistics practices.

MEGATRANS2024 is set to be a showcase for advanced technology companies, highlighting their contributions to sustainable supply chain solutions.

The expo will present an array of innovative approaches from firms of all sizes, emphasising their roles in developing a more sustainable logistics landscape.

Central to the discussions at MEGATRANS will be the concept of the zero-carbon warehouse, a facility that achieves a net-zero carbon footprint by balancing emitted greenhouse gases with equivalent reductions or offsets.

Achieving this goal involves adopting energy-efficient practices and harnessing renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, underlining the industry’s commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain.

The push towards zero carbon warehouses and broader sustainability strategies in the supply chain is driven by the growing awareness and urgency to address climate change.

MEGATRANS serves not just as a platform to highlight technologies aiding in the creation of zero-carbon warehouses but also showcases the latest innovations making their way into the logistics and supply chain markets.

Central to the discussions at MEGATRANS2024 will be the concept of the zero-carbon warehouse. Image: Prime Creative Media.
Central to the discussions at MEGATRANS2024 will be the concept of the zero-carbon warehouse. Image: Prime Creative Media.

In conversation with MHD Supply Chain Solutions, Dominic Lindsay, co-founder and CEO of Nexobot – an exhibitor at MEGATRANS – shared insights into his company’s innovative modular system for warehouse robotics.

Nexobot, a 2023 start-up, has introduced a robotic solution designed to improve efficiency in warehousing and logistics operations.

Their technology facilitates the sorting of packages into designated bins by operating beneath a barrier, a testament to the evolving needs of sustainable supply chain practices.

Addressing the importance of sustainable supply chains, Lindsay remarked, “essentially, we’ve seen the challenges that other people have had in the industry, and we’ve designed our entire business model around avoiding those challenges.”

He further highlighted the significance of MEGATRANS as a platform for collaboration and showcasing technologies that support the achievement of net-zero warehouses, stating, “I think getting together and talking about strategies is obviously a really good idea but what we really need is spaces to exhibit technologies that are going to help people achieve that.”

Nexobot aims to use the MEGATRANS expo as a pivotal opportunity to introduce their product to the industry and solidify their presence in the market, reflecting the event’s critical role in fostering innovation and sustainable practices within the supply chain and
logistics sectors. 

If you are interested in exhibiting and you would like to know more, please visit the official website at, or contact Emily Robertson on
+61 422 103 119.

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