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From heft to height: The revolution in revenue recovery with SICK

revenue recovery

In the rapidly evolving world of logistics, where “over $400 billion worth of goods are sold on the basis of a measurement” in Australia alone1, efficiency is a necessity. As the industry propels towards heightened efficiency, SICK presents technologies that meet these crucial needs, thereby revolutionising the logistics landscape.

John Butera, Industry Manager Intralogistics at SICK Sensor Intelligence, puts it succinctly: “Revenue leakage is a substantial challenge for logistics companies, leading to a potential loss of up to 5 per cent of revenue due to billing and invoicing errors.” One major issue? The discrepancy between the weight and volume submitted and the actual object measured.

As John points out, “there are instances where a seemingly light package, such as a large box of feathers, may actually occupy a considerable amount of space when being transported.” Without accurate volume data, such a parcel may be misclassified, leading to revenue losses. On the flip side, a compact yet heavy parcel could be undervalued for the space it occupies.

SICK steps in with a comprehensive track and trace solution. Their portfolio includes static and dynamic dimensioning and weighing systems for reading labels, dimensions and weight of cuboid and irregular objects, thereby aligning with evolving customer demands. These systems ensure that regardless of “the sorter system” used, volume measurement rates remain highly accurate2. As a result, logistics companies have seen an increase in revenue due to validated freight costs.

But it’s not just about dimensioning. SICK offers “fast and reliable identification solutions for 1D barcodes and 2D matrix codes,”3 ensuring precise tracking and analysis of all parcels, regardless of their colour or reflectivity. These systems come with enhanced features for object verification, such as determining whether an item is a bag or box, identifying hazardous labels, or recognising multiple items as they pass through the system.

SICK DWS modular designs enable easy integration into existing conveyor technology that provides the ultimate custom system to meet specific centre settings.

Additionally, SICK’s emphasis on safety and maintenance guarantees streamlined operations. Their offerings range from “safety-standard-compliant infrastructures” to “Preventative Maintenance and Lifetime Services” designed to optimise equipment performance and reduce unplanned downtime.

As logistics continue to evolve, the need for advanced solutions becomes ever more pressing. SICK adeptly addresses this need, and the importance of John Butera’s warning about the consequences of not “capturing and considering volume data” cannot be overstated. Fortunately, with SICK leading the way, logistics companies are well-equipped to tackle these challenges.

To witness SICK’s technology in action, watch their videos today.


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