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Keeping it cool in cold chain logistics

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In a world where freshness and safety are paramount, cold chain logistics ensures perishable goods travel seamlessly from farm to table, maintaining their quality every step of the way.

Feature in the June edition of MHD Supply Chain Solutions where we’ll walk through the chilly corridors of innovation, and where cutting-edge technology meets logistics to deliver excellence in preservation.

From temperature-controlled warehouses to state-of-the-art refrigerated transport, the cold chain is the backbone of the modern supply chain, safeguarding food, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Show how your relentless commitment to cold chain brilliance is transforming industries and empowering businesses to maximise efficiency, sustainability, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

This advertising offer includes:

  • 1 x Full-page advertisement for June (ad material to be supplied). 
  • 1 x Editorialfeature. 
  • Editorialfeatureto be written for you by an MHD journalist. 
  • Editorialfeatureto appear on MHD website and be distributed through MHD social media channels and twice-weekly newsletter. 

Expressions of interest close Tuesday 30 April 2024. For more information, please contact: 

Will Jenkin
Business Development Manager, MHD Supply Chain Solutions
0478 820 221 

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