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Automating electronic component management for ease and efficiency

ASRS ensures timely availability of components, minimising the time spent on searching for parts. Image: Kardex.

A good system for managing electronic parts is essential, no business wants to waste time hunting for components which are required in a timely manner for customers and production needs.

The demand for managing thousands of individual electronic components and manage customer expectations requires smarter solutions in the industry, as high-mix production is labour-intensive.

Managing the flow of components, frequent setups, and changeovers incur significant time and costs in sourcing the right components. Achieving this task requires clarity on the optimal methods for storing, locating, and managing stock.

To effectively handle the large volume of electronic components and meet customer demands, the industry needs smarter solutions. Managing diverse production setups is time-consuming and expensive, especially when it comes to finding the right components. That’s why it’s essential to have clear methods for storing, locating, and managing stock.

Traditionally, storage cupboards were used to stock small components such as Chips (ICs), and semiconductors in plastic bags, while larger stock such as passives THT capacitors, SMD resistors, THT resisters and SMD reels needed a more efficient solution. The rapid pace of technological evolution intensifies the storage challenge in the electronic industry.

Most electrical component failures result from excess temperature, current, mechanical shock, or static charge. Therefore, maintaining control over humidity and temperature levels is crucial for safeguarding sensitive components.

Unit temperatures may vary from -25 °C to 60 °C, with humidity levels potentially reduced by up to five per cent as needed. Automation can ensure compliance with industry requirements such as fire protection, EDS protection, and clean, dust-free storage.

For over 30 years, GPV Group in Sweden has been using Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). To further save space, improve stock accuracy and safely store customer owned material, they replaced their old Vertical Carousel Modules (VCM) with new Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) and the latest software.

By optimising their overhead space through adjustable shelves tailored to product heights, the new machines can store more items within a similar floor space.

Additionally, by integrating Kardex Colour Pick System, they have combined their ASRS with smart picking and replenishment to further enhance their resource efficiency.

Therefore, investing in a good electronic components and parts management system leveraging automation and proper storage conditions offers long-term time and cost savings.

ASRS ensures timely availability of components, minimising the time spent on searching for parts.

In addition, maintaining proper storage conditions can prevent component failures, reducing the need for costly replacements and repairs, which is particularly important for businesses with a high-mix production environments.

In conclusion, a good electronic storage and parts management system is essential for efficient business operations and customer satisfaction.

With the constant evolution of technology and the need for high-mix production, it is important to invest in a smart solution that can streamline inventory management and reduce costs related to hunting down missing components and components failures.

For further information on Kardex solutions tailored for electronics industry, visit Electronic Component Storage | ESD Protection | Kardex

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