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Revolutionising the supply chain with automation and robotics

Image: Shutterstock/Summit Art Creations.

Cutting-edge automation and robotics solutions can enhance supply chain and logistics operations with their efficiency and precision.

From automated warehouses that optimise storage space to robotic pickers that accelerate order fulfilment, businesses are offering their customers tailor-made technological solutions – both hardware and software – to streamline and increase productivity, reduce downtime, and maximise return on investment.

The industry’s future is dependent on innovative automated solutions because they transform operations into a seamless, high-performance engine of success all while keeping a company ahead of its competitors.

Feature in the July edition of MHD Supply Chain Solutions where we’ll explore the endless possibilities solutions like Automated Mobile Robots and Automated Storage Retrieval Systems bring to a supply chain business.

This advertising offer includes:

  • 1 x Full-page advertisement for July (ad material to be supplied).
  • 1 x Editorial
  • Editorialfeatureto be written for you by an MHD journalist. 
  • Editorialfeatureto appear on MHD website and be distributed through MHD social media channels and twice-weekly newsletter.

Expressions of interest close Tuesday 04 June 2024. For more information, please contact:

Will Jenkin
Business Development Manager, MHD Supply Chain Solutions or on 0478 820 221

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