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Nilfisk launches CS7020 Lithium Ion Sweeper/Scrubber Dryer

CS7020 Lithium-Ion is a battery-powered combination sweeper-scrubber. Image: Nilfisk.

The new environmentally friendly and economical CS7020 Lithium-Ion is a battery-powered combination sweeper-scrubber that can halve cleaning time by scrubbing and sweeping at once, while maintaining uptime in the busiest of environments.

Using one operator and one machine in one single pass, this combination floor cleaning machine is designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks in supply chain environments where durability and performance is needed.

What makes the CS7020 Lithium-Ion different to some other combination machines on the market is its design, where efficiency meets precision at every turn:

Dedicated functions: boasting a dedicated, fully functioning Nilfisk scrubber/dryer and Nilfisk sweeper on one heavy gauge industrial steel chassis, the machine continuously operates at an optimum level, with wet and dry waste materials kept separated for easy disposal.  

Edge to edge cleaning: rear wheel steering and strategic placement of the side brooms, coupled with the offset scrub deck and squeegee positioning, enables unparalleled proximity to edges, ensuring superior cleaning performance. 

Optimum turning circle: its compact size and rear wheel drive ensures efficient manoeuvrability on site. Measuring just over 2.6 meters, it’s perfect for single pass sweeping/scrubbing in narrow aisles. Its rear wheel drive allows it to pivot within its own width, optimising navigation in tight spaces.

Safer operation: safety is enhanced with clear view sightlines and automatic speed reduction during turns. With excellent braking on all wheels, it’s reliable on ramps, painted, or wet surfaces. A powerful drive motor and front wheel position, ensures climbing performance on ramps and gradients.

Cleaning uptime and efficiency: the Lithium-Ion battery has excellent run time even with the heaviest scrub setting, recharges quickly (fully recharged in three to 3.5 hours), can be opportunity charged and reduces maintenance costs, backed by a five-year warranty.

Other features include:

  • SmartFlowTM and optional EcoflexTM technology to reduce water and chemical usage
  • Optional DustguardTM for airborne dust suppression while sweeping
  • Intuitive control panel with OneTouchTM operation to reduce training time and improve productivity
  • High impact-absorbing polymer body panels and pivoting scrub deck to enhance edge scrubbing and resists damage from accidental impact
  • Ultraweb® nanofilter with MERV 13 rating provides superior dust/dirt holding capacity for a longer filter life

For more information, visit Nilfisk’s website

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