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Prestigious Australian brands implement Ferag WMS

Ferag's WMS is fully and truly agnostic, offering best-in-class abstraction and optimisation. Image: Ferag.

In the last few months, some of Australia’s largest and most prestigious brands have implemented ferag.doWarehouse (previously from dereOida).

This roll-out includes major department stores, online retailers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), amongst others. Most of these industry leaders are either in the process of going live, or already live with doWarehouse!

So, what sets this upstart Warehouse Management System apart? Like every other WMS, it increases warehouse operations’ efficiency, boosts productivity, reduces order times, enhances stock accuracy, and supports cycle counting.

However, doWarehouse’s innovative approach distinguishes it from competitors. It is much more than just a WMS. It is a Unified Control System, which means it is a WMS, Warehouse Control System, Warehouse Execution System and/ or anything in between.

Interfacing from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software all the way down to Program Logic Controller (PLC) level.

It is fully and truly agnostic, offering best-in-class abstraction and optimisation, allowing for highly flexible and easy integration with equipment.

In layman’s terms, doWarehouse not only manages your entire warehouse—it can also seamlessly integrate with your robots, warehouse hardware, and machinery, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

You are no longer locked into outdated or unsuitable hardware, and you can select equipment that best suits your processes with the confidence that doWarehouse will manage them effortlessly.

Unlike other WMS providers, doWarehouse doesn’t require you to change your processes to fit the software. Most systems force you to mould your well-honed processes to their configuration—not so with doWarehouse.

It also provides the flexibility to adapt new processes and functionalities as business needs evolve, such as shifting from retail to an online platform or integrating automated processes.

Its seamless integration and analytics enable quick and effortless setup and provides ongoing control and visibility of not only the different warehouse tasks, but also of their costs via meaningful reports and dashboards.

doWarehouse has been developed from the ground up utilising a state-of-the-art technology stack. This provides independence from the server operating system; it also offers scalability and excellent utilisation of server resources.

In addition, dowarehouse’s modern architecture facilitates significantly quicker and cheaper modification and customisation.

In summary, doWarehouse UCS enables you to choose the equipment that best meets your warehouse requirements as well as stay up to date with the latest technology, without having to compromise on functionality.

doWarehouse was previously a part of dereOida. In September 2023, Ferag acquired dereOida, bringing doWarehouse and the Australian dereOida team into its fold.

For more information on Ferag, click here

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