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Macquarie Consulting’s unique approach to supply chain success

Macquarie Consulting has all the credentials and qualifications you’d expect from a leading business consulting firm. Image: Shutterstock/KAMONRAT.

Macquarie Consulting is not your average business consultancy. With over two decades of expertise across operations, logistics and supply chains, the Sydney-based firm is proud to do things a little differently in order to enhance operations for their clients.

From a refreshingly personal approach to a deep understanding of how things ‘really’ work when it comes to logistics, Macquarie Consulting is proving that a non-traditional approach can yield better results for business.

The company’s founder, Shane Hafiz, shares his insights on how Macquarie’s unique approach is helping supply chain businesses transform their results.

‘On-the-ground’ experience

While Macquarie Consulting has all the credentials and qualifications you’d expect from a leading business consulting firm, it’s the ‘real-world’ experience of its consultants that provides the company with an invaluable advantage.

“Our years of on-the-ground experience means we’ve got to know first-hand the processes, problems, and challenges faced by teams from the warehouse to out on the road”, says Shane. “It’s this knowledge that allows us to make strategic recommendations that deliver ongoing improvements.”

By leveraging this practical experience, Macquarie’s team helps its clients level up their operations, often in creative and innovative ways. 

A different spin on supply chain consulting

According to Shane, breaking the mould is a key part of Macquarie Consulting’s ethos.

“We’re not ‘traditional’ business consultants and we don’t believe in taking a prescriptive approach. By focusing on close and personal collaboration, we can design our solutions around our clients – not the other way around”.

What’s more, Macquarie’s consultants are particularly mindful of the cultural and commercial elements of the companies they support, taking care not to adversely impact these aspects.

“The best and most sustainable solutions will strengthen company culture, rather than impede it,” says Shane. 

Optimisation across the board

Success in the supply chain and logistics industry relies on maximising efficiency in every corner of your business – which is why Macquarie Consulting takes an organisation-wide approach to identifying opportunities for efficiency gains.

“One thing that sets us apart – and enables us to achieve better results – is our holistic, hands-on approach”, explains Shane. With a team of consultants who bring experience across all levels of an organisation, Macquarie Consulting is well-placed to understand exactly how to optimise operations in every area.

“From the warehouse to the boardroom, no stone is left unturned when it comes to finding ways to improve”.

Small enough to care

Shane is quick to point out that Macquarie Consulting isn’t the biggest fish in the consulting sea. “We’re by no means the largest consulting firm in the market. And I think that gives us an advantage when it comes to the personal attention and service we can give to each of our clients”.

Being accessible, approachable and transparent is a big part of what keeps the firm’s many satisfied clients coming back time and again. That, and the passion for logistics that all of Macquarie’s consultants bring to the table.

“While our business expertise is obviously a key factor in our success, beneath this lies a true passion for what we do – and this is what drives us to keep on striving for the best possible outcomes”.

A solid understanding of change

With the supply chain and logistics industry constantly facing new challenges and evolving demands, Macquarie Consulting knows that helping its clients manage change effectively has never been more important.

As Shane points out, “We know that in business, change can be daunting and difficult – which is why we’re here to make the process as comfortable and seamless as possible.”

As specialists in change management, Macquarie Consulting goes beyond just advising on how you can improve operations today, instead proposing simple yet fundamental changes that can deliver ongoing benefits well into the future.

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