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Cleaning warehouses with a combo twist

The Lithium-ion batteries come with a five-year warranty. Image: Nilfisk.

MHD interviewed international industrial cleaning company Nilfisk’s Commercial Product Manager-Pacific, John Mahar, discovering everything related to its new lithium-ion combination sweeper/scrubber-dryer.

Nilfisk, global manufacturer of powered cleaning equipment, has launched its new CS7020 lithium-ion combination sweeper/scrubber-dryer with the solution ready to be purchased or rented. 

What distinguishes it is that it’s a combination machine, which has been designed from the ground up. It’s a fully functional sweeper and scrubber-dryer in every sense of the word. 

The fully functional solution is bolted onto the same chassis with the front half of the machine being the sweeper and the back half being the scrubber-dryer. 

The sweeper with optional dust-guard dust control and the rear scrubbing-drying functions are electronically controlled. 

Cleaning facilities sustainably 

This is an ideal solution capable of sweeping up small and larger materials such as bits of wood from broken pallets and plastic packaging materials.

It takes care of all of that, sweeping effectively and keeping dust under control as well. And then of course, there’s the scrubber dryer function. 

“Many companies globally are already using this combination sweeper/scrubber-dryer solution and now it’s available Lithium-Ion powered,” says John Mahar. 

“While it has a lot of smart features built into it, it is so easy to use. A single push of either one of the two main start-stop buttons operates either the scrubber-dryer or the sweeper functions – or both simultaneously. It sweeps and then scrubs-dries in a single pass.” 

It’s well-suited to warehouse and logistics sites – especially 3PL facilities where clients are regularly visiting, where they don’t want to see a dirty floor. Warehouse managers can proudly show the customer where their inventory is stored in their DCs and visitors can see the floor has been swept, scrubbed, and dried all in one cleaning exercise. 

As a lithium-ion solution, the CS7020 combination sweeper/scrubber is powered by batteries and emits zero emissions. Due to this electric and eco-friendly technology, it has longer run times and can conveniently be recharged when partially or fully discharged. 

The lithium-ion batteries come with a five-year warranty, which means after sales support is provided by Nilfisk and the battery manufacturer.

The CS7020 Lithium-ion combination sweeper/scrubber-dryer. Image: Nilfisk.
The CS7020 Lithium-ion combination sweeper/scrubber-dryer. Image: Nilfisk.

“It’s very good at getting close to edge cleaning,” explains John. 

“It can clean close to the racks and throughout the aisles, and all within a reasonable timeframe so there is little to no downtime at the site. It has an optimal cleaning width for both sweeping and scrubbing. Its scrub path is 1.24 metres wide and the machine itself is an optimal 2.6 metres in length so turning in aisles is a breeze.” 

Saving on water and chemical usage

Other unique features the CS7020 combination lithium-ion sweeper/scrubber has are a rear wheel steering function, which means it can turn its own length. For example, if it’s cleaning in under three metres wide aisles, it can go down and turn on itself, then come all the way back again with ease. 

Additionally, it can be custom fitted with an ‘Eco-flex’. This optional dispensing kit contains the chemical detergent used for cleaning and means detergent is kept separate from the solution tank holding the clean water. 

“The machine will add chemical detergent at a ratio rate that’s determined by the user – and when the user wants – with a simple button push,” notes John. “You can use the 7020 with or without chemical.” This allows the solution to work more efficiently and less of the chemical is used. 

Whether the environment is commercial or industrial, there can be a lot of dirt and dust collecting inside a business’s facility. Less water can be used depending on the amount of dirt or dust. 

“This all results in saving on chemical and water usage,” adds John. “It also has Nilfisk’s ‘Smart-Flow’ feature, which means when the machine is turning a corner, or it’s doing a U-turn for example, it automatically reduces the water flow as the speed reduces.” 

Buying and servicing 

Many warehousing sites may only consider a sweeper initially to clean, but the CS7020 combination lithium-ion sweeper/scrubber can clean polished smooth or rougher surface concrete floors, removing dust, dirt and debris by sweeping, and then scrubbing and drying. 

It’s also a quiet machine requiring little maintenance, and with Lithium-Ion offers up to a three-and-a-half-hour runtime with both functions operating and with the scrub function on its highest setting.

“If it’s a 24-hour facility, one can plug it in to charge and within around 90 minutes –  the battery system will recharge to about 80 per cent of its capacity, or for a full charge back up to 100 per cent – it’s just only around three to three-and-a-half hours,” says John.

“It simply means that if they wanted to clean in the morning and then have a break and then do more cleaning – particularly of a large facility like a 75,000 sqm or bigger site – where they may require daily ongoing cleaning.” 

Operators can clean some of the facility in the morning, charge it at lunchtime then use it again in the afternoon.

Nilfisk offers various pathways for customers to acquire the CS7020 combination lithium-ion sweeper/scrubber. The customer can either buy the solution outright or simply rent it if they don’t want to own it. 

“Rental agreements usually run for between three to five years,” adds John. “Renting can be more affordable and attractive for some companies from an investment viewpoint. The rental agreement fees include quarterly servicing by Nilfisk.

“We have nationwide after sales support, which our factory-trained technicians provide. They are located in each state and capital across Australia with servicing dealers providing the same support in some country areas.

“If the customer wants their machine serviced on an agreed periodical date – a service agreement means our technicians visit their site quarterly to ensure the CS7020 machines are optimally performing.

“We offer cost-free presentations and demonstrations of our solutions to new and existing customers and sites. If someone wants to trial one of our machines for a few days on their site, we can normally arrange that. We also provide ongoing machine user training to our customers and their cleaning team – not just after sales support. 

“There are sometimes two or three staff members at a DC or logistics site that would clean from time to time. We have various assets available to support them, including face-to-face hands-on training, as well as online and print materials to ensure the operator uses the cleaning equipment to its full potential. With the CS7020 – one operator on one machine and in a single pass achieves the best efficient and productive cleaning results possible.”

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