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MEGATRANS2024: Leading the charge towards zero-carbon warehouses

MEGATRANS2024. The sustainable supply chain of the future. Image: Prime Creative Media.

Zero-carbon warehouses represent the vanguard of the logistics sector, integrating cutting-edge energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy sources, and strategic carbon offset practices to reduce carbon footprints.

MEGATRANS2024 is set to deliver an unprecedented focus on the zero-carbon warehouse and the wide range of solutions that make eco-friendly warehouses possible.

Industry leaders such as Combilift, Loscam and Exxon Mobil will be there. Will you join us?

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FedEx confirmed as key speaker for the conference.

The MEGATRANS conference promises to be the perfect place for experts from across Australia to gather and discuss the issues that are shaping the future of the sustainable supply chain.

Would you be interested in speaking?

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