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Call for ASCI sustainability series

Presenting at ASCI conferences offers a unique opportunity to share your supply chain expertise. Image: Australasian Supply Chain Institute.

The Australasian Supply Chain Institute is calling for abstracts for its upcoming ASCI Supply Chain Sustainability Series 2024, which will be held in Sydney.

The Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) is thrilled to announce the Call for Abstracts for the upcoming ASCI Supply Chain Sustainability Series 2024, which covers various topics across the supply chain industry. These topics include Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Procurement, Operations Management, and Integrated Product Support.

 If you are a seasoned industry expert and would like to contribute to this exciting event, we encourage you to submit your abstract to present at one of the conferences. The next one will be in Sydney on 26 June 2024 with the theme: Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Sustainability: Why does it matter and why?

 We are looking for captivating abstracts that showcase innovative strategies, best practices, actionable insights, and case studies to enhance the conference experience for all attendees. Your knowledge and expertise can be invaluable to the ASCI community, providing significant career opportunities and ensuring the conference’s success.

Presenting at ASCI conferences offers a unique opportunity to share your supply chain expertise, case studies, and best practices and contribute to the industry. It is also a chance to gain recognition, enhance professional credibility, and shape the industry’s future. Furthermore, you will be able to network with like-minded supply chain professionals, building lasting connections that can prove valuable in the future. If your presentation is selected, you will receive a complimentary registration to ASCI conferences.

 To submit your abstract, provide the session title, audience level, learning objectives, primary keywords, and abstract text (fewer than 300 words) in the form. You will also need to provide the presenter(s) details, including a short biography, social media links (optional), any prior speaking experience, and a company logo (optional).

 Each presenter is limited to a maximum of two abstract submissions, and each request may have up to two presenters.

The ASCI Committees will carefully review and evaluate each submission, seeking presentations tackling critical issues, innovative methods, and emerging industry trends and providing practical solutions. We are excited to receive your offers and look forward to an enriching conference experience. 

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