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EnerSys to enhance AGV industry with new wireless charging

The NexSys® AIR wireless charger ensures increased flexibility and reliability for automated operations | Image: EnerSys

In a move to redefine automated guided vehicle (AGV) operations, EnerSys® has launched the NexSys® AIR wireless charger, streamlining charging processes and enhancing operational efficiency across material handling facilities.

Designed to handle various AGVs, charging schedules, and facility placements, the NexSys® AIR wireless charger ensures increased flexibility and reliability for automated operations.

It can charge multiple battery types and AGV equipment, offering operations the flexibility to select optimal equipment and power sources to maximise efficiency across facilities and AGV fleet operations.

While current charging methods like battery changes, manual plug-ins, or “hot shoe” systems have been sufficient so far, they fall short of meeting the demands of modern operations, labour challenges, and the pursuit of true automation.

Though human involvement is necessary for tasks like battery changes and manual plug-ins, “hot shoe” systems partially automate the process.

However, they still involve mechanical connections between the charger and AGV that require regular cleaning, maintenance, and occasional replacement, alongside associated costs and human intervention. Neglecting these connections can affect safety, charging efficiency, and the duration of charging periods.

Wireless charging replaces traditional methods by offering a fully automated charging operation that eliminates human maintenance and contact wear associated with physical connections between the AGV battery and charger. This serves as a significant differentiator for AGV OEMs competing on critical operational concerns for end customers.

In addition to cost savings from streamlined charging systems, the space-saving design of wireless chargers, without long cables and additional “hot shoe” footprint, frees up valuable floor space and offers flexibility for placement throughout facilities.

This flexibility helps AGV OEMs optimise AGV routing for missions and enables end customers to enhance the overall layout of their facility.

EnerSys® has been a recognised global leader in battery and charger technology for decades – developing safe and effective industrial power solutions for customers in traditional and automated applications.

They are also uniquely positioned to provide a single source for your entire material handling fleet – whether it’s automated or human-driven, and the only battery manufacturer to offer two separate maintenance-free battery technologies for material handling applications.

Investing in wireless charging to increase the productivity of AGV fleets may be essential to realising the full potential of automation, which is to eliminate costs associated with human involvement in the charging process and maintenance associated with physical charging connections.

For AGV OEMs, wireless charging offers the possibility to be one step ahead of competitors by including it as part of their turnkey system offering.

For more information on EnerSys, click here.

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