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Ferag expands operations in APAC

Ferag APAC now operates offices in Australia, Malaysia, and India | Image: Ferag

In a significant milestone of its evolution, Ferag Australia rebrands itself to Ferag APAC, a change aimed at aligning with its expanded presence throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

This change follows a period of extraordinary growth over the past nine months, during which the company expanded from 12 employees in Australia in September 2023 to over 60 employees throughout APAC as of today.

Regional expansion and new offices

Ferag APAC now operates offices in Australia, Malaysia, and India, underscoring its commitment to serving a wider market and enhancing its service capabilities across the region. This strategic expansion supports Ferag APAC’s vision of becoming a leading provider of innovative solutions within the intralogistics sector.

Customer growth and strategic acquisitions
The company’s impressive growth is also evident in its customer base. Following the acquisition of dereOida in September of last year, Ferag APAC has onboarded three iconic brands to its flagship software, ferag.doWarehouse. This strategic acquisition has strengthened Ferag APAC’s market presence and customer portfolio.

Significant increase in female participation

In alignment with its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Ferag APAC has seen a notable increase in female participation within its workforce. Since January, 12 female staff members have joined the team, raising the overall female participation rate from 8 per cent to 22 per cent. Even more remarkable is the rise in female representation in management, which has surged from 0 per cent to 20 per cent. This progress reflects Ferag APAC’s dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace and empowering women in the technology and intralogistics sectors.

Global hub for software development

With its expanded presence, Ferag APAC has become the global hub for the development of its innovative ferag.doWarehouse software. This strategic positioning enhances Ferag APAC’s capability to drive technological advancements and deliver superior software solutions to its global clientele.

Industry context

The broader Australian workplace sees a gender split of 53.4 per cent men and 46.6 per cent women. In contrast, the intralogistics market in Australia has a lower female participation rate, with men making up approximately 75 per cent and women 25 per cent. The Australian software industry reflects a similar gender distribution, with 75 per cent men and 25 per cent women (Australian Bureau of Statistics) (WGEA).

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