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Dematic deploys meat processing solution

The Dematic Multishuttle Meat Buffer offers unlimited order assembly flexibility | Image: Dematic

Dematic has rolled out its first end-to-end automation solution at a leading Australian meat processing facility.

The first-of-its-kind deployment combines a Dematic Multishuttle® Meat Buffer system with a pallet automated storage and retrieval system that features the first installation of Dematic’s newly freezer-rated, high-reach automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

“Meat processing facilities in Australia are currently faced with challenges stemming from the fact that cold storage facilities are harsh environments for workers, leading to the risk of worker injuries, difficulties in sourcing labour, and time lost in managing complex occupational health and safety issues,” says Soeren Schauki, Business Development Manager at Dematic.

“Our automation solution offers the industry an answer to overcoming these challenges, with equipment that is rated for around-the-clock operation in cold storage environments and presents minimal risk to workers.”

The Dematic Multishuttle Meat Buffer system boosts flexibility and throughput by enabling the transfer of product cartons across aisles without the need for a conventional conveyor system, in frozen or chilled conditions.

This system limits labour-intensive manual handling and offers unlimited order assembly flexibility. The solution can pick multiple SKUs concurrently within a single aisle while providing high throughput, order flexibility, and accessibility to stock.

Known to be a leading provider of intelligent warehouse solutions, Dematic recently released its third-generation high-reach AGVs and are now all rated for deployment in freezer environments.

Designed and built in Australia, these Dematic AGV systems limit occupational health and safety risks and increase productivity by operating full-time in temperatures down to -25°C – picking and transporting products.

The advanced, self-charging AGVs feature high-precision laser guidance and the latest safety technology, including a 360° safety scanning system with automatic slowing and stopping, emergency-stop buttons, visual and audible warning and alarm lights.

Dematic is Australia’s only manufacturer of freezer-rated AGVs, and its fleet of AGVs was recently updated in line with Australian Standard – AS 5144-4, (equivalent to international standard – ISO 3691-4).

“Meat processing facilities are ideal candidates for full automation to enhance accuracy, traceability, and control of perishable food products,” says Tony Raggio, General Manager Sales – Dematic ANZ Mobile Automation.

“As a result, Dematic is experiencing increased demand for comprehensive solutions that incorporate multiple automation technologies. Our solution, which combines the Dematic Multishuttle Meat Buffer system with our freezer-rated AGV-based storage and retrieval system, has been developed to meet this demand.”

The deployment of Dematic’s cutting-edge automation solution marks a significant milestone in enhancing operational efficiency and safety standards within Australia’s meat processing industry.

For more information on Dematic, click here.

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