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ifm boosting efficiency with tracking and tracing solution

ifm's Track and Trace Gate solution. Image: ifm.

ifm’s tracking and tracing solution minimises downtime and increases availability all while being efficient, clear, reliable, and flexible.

ifm Track and Trace Gate is the complete solution for a business’s automated and transparent logistics in its incoming and outgoing goods processes. By directly transferring all goods flows to the IT level, they can organise the inter-locking of production, inventory, and suppliers more efficiently than ever before.

ifm tracking solutions address every aspect of OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). With all resources in one place, it’s never been easier to choose the next continuous process improvement project to boost efficiency. Identify a tracking solution to benefit a facility and get started. Reduce sourcing time with localised, real-time inventory.

For more information on ifm, click here.

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