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Resilience and innovation through omicron

The omicron variant has tested the strength of the Australian Supply Chain over the past few months. MHD uncovers how industry professionals are prioritising staff retention and using the latest technology to counter delays and disruptions.

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Building success through reliability

Conquest Equipment breaks down the pillars of a reliable cleaning service – and why warehouse managers need the right products and service in a
time of disruption and change.

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Future of transportation

The future of transportation

With auto companies spending $90 billion in electric vehicle focused research and development, the transition towards more EVs in supply chain presents challenges and opportunities. Peter Jones, Managing Director and Founder of Prological, discusses the current landscape of transportation and how it affects the Australian market.

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Success through safety

Warehouse designs and operations continue to change, but worker safety is as important as ever. MHD talks to Fuzzy LogX Principal Consultant Bas Schilders about current and future safety priorities for vendors, designers and warehouse managers.

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Unlocking distribution optimisation

Distribution is a dynamic and always changing area of supply chain. Pas Tomasiello, Dematic Senior Regional Director explores some of the most efficient automated solutions for optimising supply chains after a year of progress and innovation for many Australian businesses.   Read more

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