Edward Cranswick

ClarkSolutions Director Peter Clark. Image: TMHA.

Clarksolutions uses TMHA to expand business

Melbourne-based commercial and industrial cleaning business ClarkSolutions has enlisted the strong and reliable performance of Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) as it expands its business to include a small warehouse. Read More
Zebra’s comprehensive product range means organisations don’t need to look beyond the Zebra portfolio to meet all their mobility needs. Image: Skywire.

Skywire & Zebra: benchmarking excellence

In the field of enterprise mobility solutions, Zebra products are setting the standard. Glenn Sheppard from consultancy Skywire explains why its rugged devices should be the benchmark for the industry, particularly when upgrading technology suites. Read More
Linde provides the perfect fit between customers’ processes, the truck, and the energy source. Image: Linde.

Finding the right power source for your forklift

Too often these days, buyers jump into materials handling equipment choices based on mistaken assumptions about current technology. Nowhere is this more evident than in the selection of energy sources – buyers are often blinded by the hype around ‘new’ solutions. Read More
Santova’s TradeNav solution shows its commitment to staying ahead of the technological curve. Image: Santova.

Navigating innovation in logistics

In the world of freight forwarding, Santova stands out by leveraging its unique blend of technology, personal service, and global network. Arne Walter, Regional Director at Santova Logistics, sheds light on how the company’s strategic adaptations are steering its success in a dynamic logistics industry. Read More
Coates acquired its first Hangcha unit in 2022. Image: Coates.

Strategic synergy

In a world where efficiency, sustainability, and strategic foresight are paramount, the partnership between Coates, Australia’s leading equipment hire and solutions provider, and Hangcha, a forklift manufacturing powerhouse, demonstrates how like-minded collaborators benefit industry. MHD explores the strategic, customer-centric, and sustainability-driven facets that drive innovation and mutual growth. Read More
The scalability of S4T means it is accessible to a broad range of companies. Image: GS1.

Revolutionising logistics with S4T

Alex Koumaras of Leopard Systems discusses the transformative impact of the Scan4Transport (S4T) standard. As a leader in enterprise mobility solutions, Alex offers an inside look at the benefits and implementation of the standard. Read More
Peter advocates viewing supply chain as a core business competency requiring long-term planning and investment. Image: Prological.

Why Supply Chain is now mission critical for the C-Suite

Global disruptions have exposed vulnerabilities in fragile supply chains, prompting more C-Suite leaders to prioritise the strength of their networks. Peter Jones, Managing Director at Prological, explains the developing role of logistics and supply chain as a strategic growth strategy in boardrooms across Australia. Read More
Blue Yonder's advancements are underpinned by strategic investments in cloud-native architecture. Image: Blue Yonder.

Integrating interoperability

Blue Yonder’s Richard Ryan explains the company’s new interoperable services, why Blue Yonder is changing the way it renews systems, and why the journey they – and their clients – are on is an exciting one. Read More