Edward Cranswick

Circular economy, though a relatively novel concept, harbours immense potential in reshaping the paradigms of resource utilisation and profitability within supply chains.

Navigating sustainable supply chains

Exploring the intricate terrain of sustainable supply chain management, Brendan O’Keeffe delineates the convergence of profitability, consumer expectations, and technological advancements. In a world increasingly attuned to ethical and environmental imperatives, Brendan lays out a path that matches innovative strategies, regulatory compliance, and consumer expectations. Read More
Remedy Drinks

Brewing a success story with TMHA

Over the course of the last decade, Australian beverage manufacturer Remedy Drinks has steadily and successfully built its business, using the help of battery-electric Toyota Material Handling forklifts to distribute its products. Read More
Australia Post Christmas service

Australia Post unveils new service in time for Christmas

When an Australia Post team member cannot safely deliver an eligible parcel at a customer’s address and cannot return the parcel to the nearest Post Office during operating hours, they will place the parcel in a free 24/7 Australia Post Parcel Locker located within 1km of the customer’s address. Read More
VTA Annual General Meeting

VTA Annual General Meeting sees leaders elected

At its 121st Annual General Meeting on Friday 10 November, the VTA Executive Council elected Murphy Transport Solutions CEO Cameron Murphy to the role of Vice President and re-elected President Mike Lean and Vice-President Dennis Ryan for further terms. Read More
Movement updated

Simplifying supply chain visibility

project44 has updated its renowned Movement platform. Expanded capabilities include extended door-to-door visibility and machine learning-powered innovations that automate key processes, leading to cost savings and efficiency gains. Read More
In the past 24 months, Colliers has notably engaged in transactions involving over 80 per cent of the multi-storey industrial sites that have emerged on the market.

Capitalising on industrial capital markets

Colliers’ Sean Thomson, and Daniel Telling, dive deep into the innovative and adaptive strategies driving their Industrial Capital Markets services, detailing how the company seamlessly marries national scope with acute local insight. Read More