Optimising responsiveness can dictate stocking higher product levels and at more warehouse locations. Image: Shutterstock/KPs Photography AND Film.

Fostering efficiency and responsiveness

Wolters Kluwer’s Vice President, Global New Client Engagements, Alessio Lolli, outlines the five supply chain performance drivers for fostering efficiency and responsiveness in a business’s operations. Read More
Emily Jackman, Founder, Kenter International Logistics. Image: Kenter International Logistics.

Supporting women in industry

In a world where the logistics and supply chain industry is predominantly
male-dominated, Kenter International Logistics emerges not only as a beacon of innovation and excellence but also as a staunch supporter of gender diversity and empowerment. Founder Emily Jackman’s personal journey and her company’s sponsorship of the Women in Industry Awards underscore the growing recognition of women’s contributions and the ongoing challenges they face in the sector. Read More
The warehouse is fully insulated and maintains an ambient temperature. Image: Flinders Port.

Expanding SA’s operations in 2024

Flinders Warehousing & Distribution Operations Manager, Todd Clarke, tells MHD about the company expanding its operations in South Australia, improving security and safety in its warehouses, and implementing a new WMS. Read More
Single sourcing is the custom of appointing only one supplier for the provision of a good or service when others are available in the market. Image: Shutterstock/ESB Professional.

Navigating single sourcing

Argon & Co’s principal consultant, Andrea Carnino, writes in this op-ed for MHD about navigating single sourcing, understanding power, pitfalls, risks, and strategies for mitigation. Read More

Feature in MHD May – 3PLs, 4PLs and 5PLs 

This May, MHD Supply Chain Solutions magazine is shining its focus on the transformative power of 3PLs, 4PLs, and 5PLs for procurement, purchasing and supply chain managers and executives – and we’re extending an exclusive invitation to businesses within and adjacent to these sectors.

Read More