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Feature in MHD March: Warehouse Design

Feature in MHD March
Warehouse Design In our March edition, MHD will turn the spotlight on the vital field of warehouse design. As the supply chain landscape evolves with the advent of advanced technologies and shifting market dynamics, the design and structure of warehouses are becoming increasingly crucial. With a focus on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability, warehouse design is being reimagined to meet the contemporary demands of logistics and distribution. Read More
Chris Hudson, Senior Associate at Prological.

Addressing shipping container challenges

Australia has some unique challenges when it comes to managing shipping containers for import and export freight. Chris Hudson, Senior Associate at Prological provides an update on the local container scene and unveils some potential logistical solutions to current issues faced in the supply chain. Read More
Port sustainability

Cybersecurity challenge for Australian ports

Container terminal operator DP World recently navigated a cybersecurity incident that occurred between November 10th and 13th. Thanks to the prompt and effective measures taken, normal operations are being restored. The backlog – which was approximately 30,000 containers mid-November – is being effectively managed and reduced. Project44 shares insights. Read More
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Mastering supply chain agility with SICK solutions

The very essence of a successful supply chain lies in its agility – the ability to swiftly adapt to and manage the constantly shifting customer demands and challenges of the global resource shortages. In this dynamic environment, companies such as SICK have emerged as indispensable allies, helping businesses achieve unmatched levels of flexibility and responsiveness. Read More
Modern slavery

Dealing with modern slavery

The Australasian Supply Chain Institute sheds light on modern slavery in the industry and what can be done from both ethical and legal standpoints to deal with this hidden crisis. Read More
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Feb Promo 2024

 Feature in MHD February Industrial property and project management In our February edition, MHD will spotlight the burgeoning areas of industrial property and
Read More