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Employment Contracts are not easy to manage, but are required to comply with Australian employment law. Employment law is confusing, complex and about to change again with the election of a Labor Government. Business owners often need help to generate compliant agreements and gain access to easy-to-use employment templates, letters and forms.

Workforce Guardian’s market-leading contract generation technology allows you to produce the right type of employment contract for each employee in a simple and logical way, providing peace of mind if you are not sure which one to use. Our employment contracts are produced using interview style questions to mirror the type of questions your lawyer would ask.

Workforce Guardian currently provides 6 types of employment agreements to suit all business situations so that you can choose the one that most suits the employee situation. Our employment contracts include:

  • Australian Workplace Agreements (AWA)
  • Common Law Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Agreements for Award covered employees
  • Employee Collective Agreements
  • Union Collective Agreements

Any AWA made before the Rudd Government changes the law will run until its expiry date (up to end 2012).

Once the Rudd Government does change the law then Workforce Guardian will offer Individual Transitional Employment Agreements (ITEAs) as one of its employment contracts to replace Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs).

Workforce Guardian also provides an invaluable document library at your fingertips containing over 80 employment templates, guides, forms and letters to help you successfully hire, manage and fire staff.

All our employment agreements and employment templates have been verified by employment law experts at Clayton Utz so you get to the benefits of top class legal advice without paying the hefty fees.

For as little as $950 per year, you can say goodbye to worrying whether you’re protected. Say goodbye to expensive lawyers. Say hello to Workforce Guardian. Say hello to the comfort of protection.

It was just a matter of time

With seawater running in his veins, it was only a matter of time before Chris Corrigan made an attempt to return to the docks.

According to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald, Chris Corrigan is expected to bid for the third stevedoring spot to be opened up by the Port Botany expansion.

Other likely bidders include Hong Kong’s Hutchison Port Holdings and Anglo Port, jointly with Philippine operator International Container Terminal Services. Hutchison recently entered the Brisbane market, winning the tender to operate a new container terminal.

The existing stevedores at the port, Patrick or DP World, are expected to be prevented from bidding in order to introduce fresh competition into the industry.

Mr Corrigan’s participation in the bidding will be via long-time business associate Sam Kaplan’s publicly listed KFM Diversified Infrastructure and Logistics Fund, which has taken direct stakes in several ports around Australia since its launch earlier this year.

The entry of a third operator is designed to maintain pricing pressures on existing operators, and limit prospects of price fixing and uncompetitive practices .

The NSW Minister for Ports, Joe Tripodi, said the stevedoring tender would be held early next year. As reported on TandLnews last week, the Government gave the nod to the joint venture of Baulderstone Hornibrook and the Belgian company Jan de Nul for the 60-hectare expansion of the port, a decision widely criticised citing Baulderstone’s recent checquered track record.

The expansion includes the creation of five new berths. The capacity of the port, which handles a third of Australia’s container traffic, is to be doubled.

Construction is to begin next year, with the first berth scheduled to be ready by 2012, well after 2010, which is when the port is expected to reach maximum capacity with its present number of berths.

Mentoring Victoria

Following the success of the LAA/APICS Mentoring Program in NSW over the past five years, the program is being expanded to Victoria in 2008. Expressions of Interest from experienced professional logisticians and less senior practitioners in NSW and Victoria, to participate as mentors or mentees, in the LAA/APICS 2008  Mentoring Programs are now being sought.

Mentoring is a excellent way of ensuring that up and coming supply chain managers and logisticians develop the right skills. The APICS/LAA Ltd Mentoring Program, now entering its 5th year, offers mentees a great opportunity to talk through the issues they may be facing in their work life and to explore the options available to them in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. They can listen to the experiences of the mentors and determine the right way for them to overcome obstacles in their day-to-day roles and in their career development.  

The value of the program lies in the fact that it is industry-based. Pairing mentees with mentors from different organisations provides an enhanced learning environment. Opportunities are also provided for participants to meet each other and discuss the issues and challenges they face. This is done through group meetings or site visits.

At the end of the program, a mentee’s knowledge and experience of supply chain issues will have been accelerated by two to three years. 

Mentors attend a half-day training program facilitated by a professional mentoring trainer. Mentor training is free to participating Mentors who volunteer their time and expertise – giving back to the supply chain industry by assisting less senior supply chain professionals. Mentees also attend a two hour induction session – ensuring that they understand the mentoring relationship and are able to establish realistic expectations and set clear goals.

The Supply Chain Mentoring programs are made possible by the kind support of Dexion.

Mentoring NSW

The NSW Supply Chain Mentoring Program will commence in March 2008.

The closing date for formal applications is 4th February, 2008, although expressions of interest would be appreciated at the earliest opportunity. If you would like to participate as a mentee, a mentor or a sponsor in this program in NSW please contact: Luke Holmick/Mike Owen – email mentornsw@laa.asn.au

Mentoring Victoria

The Victorian Supply Chain Mentoring Program will commence in April 2008.

The closing date for formal applications is 18th February, 2008, although expressions of interest would be appreciated at the earliest opportunity.

Those wishing to participate as a mentee, a mentor or a sponsor, in this program in Victoria,  please contact:

Luke Holmick/Mike Owen – email <mentorvic@laa.asn.au>

Further information: www.laa.asn/mentorprogram or call the LAA office on

Lean consulting service aims for sustainability

CHEP Asia-Pacific has urged its food supply chain partners to think about sustainable distribution right across the supply chain, not just within company boundaries, to secure the future of an increasingly fragile food supply ecosystem.

Speaking at the Sustainable Supply Chain Forum in Sydney, the President of CHEP Asia-Pacific, Howard Wigham, said all parties would benefit if they minimised operational risks – both physical and environmental – while identifying new opportunities from the changing landscape.

“CHEP recognises that there is an opportunity to help food producers respond to climate change and increasing input costs,” Mr Wigham said. “While our expertise isn’t in food production, we can share our experience in food distribution.”

“In an environment of constrained supply, reducing waste, shrinkage and spoilage throughout the supply chain becomes critical.”

Mr Wigham said CHEP’s expertise in managing reusable, returnable supply chain packaging solutions could play an important role in helping the food industry to respond to sustainability challenges.

Best Results Australia organised the forum. Participants, including some of Australia’s largest food retailers, processors, wholesalers, growers, seed companies, banks and financiers, were told the only way to achieve sustainable agricultural supply throughout Australia’s farming community was through industry collaboration and wide scale change to existing supply chain practice.

The chairman of Best Results, Patrick Byrne, said CHEP could play an important role in reducing waste and input costs.

Mr Wigham said CHEP was seeking opportunities to work more closely with the food industry to ensure knowledge is shared more effectively.

“CHEP is in a unique position to observe the movement of fresh and processed goods through the supply chain – and we operate in 44 countries around the world,” Mr Wigham said.

“We want to build collaborative bridges with our supply chain partners, working with our customers and the industry to remove waste – compressing time, cost and space through lean thinking, reducing environmental footprints through green thinking and reducing physical harm by thinking safe.

“We have listened to our customers and many feel they would benefit from advice on lean consulting. We’re developing a new service in this area and would like to hear from organisations who’d like to participate in a pilot program,” Mr Wigham said.

For more information contact CHEP Asia-Pacific on

The state of the industry

The Logistics Association of Australia Ltd (LAA) and leading international supply chain and logistics management consultant, Logistics Bureau, have signed a Memorandum of Agreement signalling the commencement of a definitive report on the state of the logistics and supply chain industry in Australia.

LAA President Brad Harrison spoke enthusiastically about this program.  “We are delighted that Logistics Bureau has come on board to research this report, which will provide a regular annual update on the state of the industry for all our members.”

Under the agreement, Logistics Bureau will provide research content and analysis on its research findings once a year. The first annual report will comprise an economic update and a market update; define market participants and review Australian industry performance. It is anticipated that second annual report will also include findings on employment and training and regulatory environment.

Commenting on the new Supply Chain Report, Logistics Bureau Group Managing Director Rob O’Byrne said that he welcomed the opportunity of partnering with the LAA on this initiative. 

“Undertaking to deliver this research report reflects our commitment to promoting logistics and supply chain management practices, analysis and benchmarking for the benefit of the industry,” he said.

Based in Sydney and SE Asia, consultant Logistics Bureau provides direction and support in driving improved profitability, improved customer service and increased supply chain flexibility for a wide range of businesses. Logistics Bureau is also a Friend of the LAA and has been instrumental in adding value to the industry through its strong support of a number of the LAA’ s education and research programs.

Further information: Joene Baker, Executive Manager LAA Ltd, tel:

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