Circular economy, though a relatively novel concept, harbours immense potential in reshaping the paradigms of resource utilisation and profitability within supply chains.

Navigating sustainable supply chains

Exploring the intricate terrain of sustainable supply chain management, Brendan O’Keeffe delineates the convergence of profitability, consumer expectations, and technological advancements. In a world increasingly attuned to ethical and environmental imperatives, Brendan lays out a path that matches innovative strategies, regulatory compliance, and consumer expectations. Read More
Remedy Drinks

Brewing a success story with TMHA

Over the course of the last decade, Australian beverage manufacturer Remedy Drinks has steadily and successfully built its business, using the help of battery-electric Toyota Material Handling forklifts to distribute its products. Read More
Modern slavery

Dealing with modern slavery

The Australasian Supply Chain Institute sheds light on modern slavery in the industry and what can be done from both ethical and legal standpoints to deal with this hidden crisis. Read More
In 2023, Combilift celebrates its 25-year anniversary at its Monaghan headquarters in Ireland.

Lifting innovation in materials handling for 25 years

Forklift manufacturer Combilift recently celebrated its 25-year anniversary at the company headquarters in Monaghan, Ireland. MHD sat down with co-founder and CEO Martin McVicar to talk about the business’s dedication to improving safety and efficiencies in the Australian warehouse and logistics market. Read More
Peter Jones, Prological Founder and Director.

Harnessing convergence technologies

Prological’s Founder and Director, Peter Jones, explains to MHD what supply chain convergence is and how businesses will only survive if they’re willing to adopt new technologies and re-envision their warehouses. Read More
Sue Tomic, Chair of the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA).

Sustainability strategies for shipping

Sue Tomic, Chair of the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia, tells MHD about how intermodals can provide a solution to companies looking to reduce their carbon emissions. Read More