The Job Doesn’t End When The Candidate Accepts

Manhattan Associates has worked with Bastian Consulting’s Tony Richter for several years to recruit the best people for its needs across Asia Pacific. Keith Hunter, People Director Asia Pacific for Manhattan Associates, explains Tony’s process.  Read more


Flexible Warehouse Cleaning

Long-term investment in specific cleaning equipment is sometimes out of reach for businesses in the logistics industry. MHD talks to Conquest Equipment about how its hire system helps accommodate for seasonal needs and sporadic spills in the warehouse.  Read more


Route optimisation at the drop of a hat

MHD speaks with Talal Kanj, National Warehouse & Logistics Manager at KING, and Adiona Tech CEO Richard Savoie, about how route optimisation is helping to keep the leading furniture designer on top of its game.  Read more

Occupier Services

Partnering for Success

Colliers’ Occupier Services has recently formalised a strategic partnership with Pollen Consulting Group to deliver end-to-end solutions for occupiers of industrial property. MHD speaks with both companies about the new partnership, and how they reinforce each other’s strengths.  Read more


Warehouse Management Systems are Critical for Customer-Centricity in the Post-COVID 19 Era

As e-commerce growth is continuing at a rapid pace, companies are having to rapidly change their logistics footprint (both operational and physical) and fulfilment to match rising customer expectations. As we move into a post-COVID-19 environment, logistics executives plan to implement or enhance their technology, including warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation management system (TMS), artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities, and cloud infrastructure, as highlighted by the recent 2021 Blue Yonder Logistics Executive Survey. Read more

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