Man driving Toyota forklift

How Toyota is revolutionising the potato industry

Leading potato supplier Beta Spuds has made the move to invest in reliability by purchasing nine new Toyota forklifts. MHD talks with Matthew Cocciolone, CEO at Beta Spuds, to discuss why they decided to transition away from a rental model.

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Shipping container being unloaded

Connecting South Australia to the World

With the recent addition of a Warehousing & Distribution arm, Flinders Port Holdings continues to consolidate its presence as a complete port-based logistics provider. MHD talks to Michelle English, Flinders’ Business Development Manager.

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Joachim Schaut, VP Intercontinental Supply Chain Solutions for DB Schenker

The ship that broke the camel’s back

Joachim Schaut, Vice President Intercontinental Supply Chain Solutions for DB Schenker, speaks to MHD about how the Ever Given’s infamous blockage of the Suez Canal was just the final straw in an already stretched supply chain, and how the past year’s challenges will shape the future of global freight. 

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automation cleaning machine

Keeping clean

Are autonomous machines the future of cleaning in a post COVID-19 workplace? Noel Moynes, National Sales Manager at Hako Australia sits down with MHD to share the rise in autonomous cleaning technology during this pandemic era.  Read more

The future is food

After COVID-19 turned logistics on its head in 2020, one industry has come out as a clear winner in terms of growth. David Hall, Head of the Western Sydney Industrial team at Colliers tells MHD how the food industry will continue to grow into the future. Read more

Melbourne’s booming north

In this month’s Property Focus, MHD catches up with experts from Colliers industrial team to learn more about the growth taking place in Melbourne’s north. Corey Vraca, Senior Executive – Industrial and Mitch Purcell, Executive – Industrial at Colliers run through the latest developments. Read more

The formula for the post-pandemic retail and supply chain revealed

As the profile of bricks and mortar stores fundamentally change, retailers are rethinking their instore operations. With rising pressure from consumers, MHD asks Körber whether there is a better way to utilise instore inventory and footprint to meet the demands of today’s digital shoppers?

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