machine vision

Towards the best in machine vision technology

In the 40 years since its founding, Cognex has pioneered and refined the best in machine vision technologies. Sven Klockmann talks to MHD about the company’s tireless efforts to achieve 100 per cent barcode read rates.

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A new dawn for route optimisation

Richard Savoie, CEO of Adiona Tech, says the company’s route optimisation platform solves many of the traditional problems in the field, opening up route efficiency for organisations small and large. 

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Filling the talent gap in supply chain

Tony Richter of Bastian Consulting talks about the shortage of talent available to the supply chain and logistics industry, and how companies might attract and keep the coming generation of professionals.  Read more


Where technology meets humanity

As part of the ongoing modernisation of its supply chain, leading retailer Officeworks has partnered with Körber Supply Chain to deploy a range of cutting-edge technology solutions. This investment will improve Officeworks’ fulfilment capabilities, benefit the wellbeing of its team members and improve sustainability for the leading retailer. MHD finds out how. 

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Automation reaching all the way up

Demand for industrial and logistics space in Australia continues to grow. OPEX automation solutions are making the most of warehouse space to increase supply chain efficiency.  Read more

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