NORD Drivesystems

NORD DRIVESYSTEM’S IE5+ synchronous motors (TEFC): Efficient and Compact

NORD’s new generation of NORD® IE5+ synchronous motors feature constant torque and efficiency over a wide speed range that make it an ideal solution for intralogistics applications. In addition, it offers a compact design that is compatible with a wide range of gear units and variable frequency drives from the NORD® modular products. By using the IE5+ synchronous motor, the number of variants and operating costs can be reduced significantly.

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Kardex Power Pick System

Speed up picking processes with Kardex’s Power Pick System

Kardex Remstar’s vertical carousel speeds up the picking process and reduces the need to use resources. KICKS, a multi-channel cosmetics supplier found the solution has quickened its work processes. The machine comes with 10 Kardex Megamats and a Kardex Power Pick System. The system helped the company move its 16,000 products to 25,000 locations. It reduced resources from 10 people to 4 people to do the same amount of work, which significantly performs their job quicker than the previous 10 did before. It overall allowed for a high level of picking and improved the recording of stock accuracy.

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Energy-efficient synchronous motors setting new standards

Energy-efficient, cost-conscious and environmentally friendly: With its IE5+ synchronous motor, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is setting new standards. The new motor is now also available in ventilated or smooth versions up to a power of 4.0 kW. If required, the motors are provided with a very smooth surface or the nsd tupH surface treatment. Read more

Not your Grandfather’s shop floor: Modern manufacturing trends in the NetSuite Customer Base

Every January, a group of global movers and shakers—politicians, business executives, academics and celebrities—descend on the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Davos Klosters to be part of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) with the humble goal to make the “world a better place”, The agenda this year was “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The first three revolutions came with introductions of mechanisation, electricity and IT—today, Big Data, the Internet of Things, robotics and other technologies are allowing for another revolution.

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Collaborative Robots vs. Industrial Robots

Automation is changing at a rapid pace. New robotic capabilities continue to blur the lines between collaborative and industrial robots, but it is certainly an exciting time to integrate robotics into your automation processes.

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RK95 Series

Industrial Mobile Computer

CipherLab’s RK95 is a powerful handheld terminal that steps up the data collection game in the warehouse environments.

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