Involved in Logistics or Supply Chain Management?

The qualification is issued by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in the UK, EU, Australia and globally, and is the benchmark qualification in the industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Self-paced, distance learning part time program
  • Highly practical industry relevant electives
  • Builds and applies individual skills and knowledge in context
  • Improves individual performance and organisational capacity
  • Training logistics staff increases efficiency, and decreases costs in fuel, repairs and insurance.
  • Postgraduate level, but no prior degree required
  • Also full time study and recognition of prior learning

Suitable for:

  • Frontline, middle and senior managers with functional responsibility for logistics and supply chain management activities in a range of industries.
  • Military officers in logistics and supply chain roles.
  • Graduates entering the logistics profession and individuals involved in contributing to logistics strategy, establishing activity plans and reviewing operation activities.


Oricom UHF088, the Worker’s Workmate


Meeting the new 80 channel standard, this 5.0 Watt DIN mounted radio was designed to be quick and simple to use, yet contain a truck-load of functionality.

Front fire speakers and a large easy-to-see backlit display means the UHF088 delivers clarity and control at a glance. Set against these the rotary channel, squelch and volume controls; along with a fast-grasp microphone, provide quick and easy operation.

Behind this compact unit sits the technology to deliver 80 narrowband channels, 38 CTCSS / 104 DCS codes, duplex range extender, dual watch, memory/priority scanning and all the features needed in a reliable 2-way, except the exorbitant price.

“We developed our UHF088 to be the reliable mate for those that make their living on the road or farm”, explains Oricom Managing Director Kevin McDonnell.

“As an Australian owned business we have always prided ourselves on our ability to deliver solid UHF radios of superior quality, priced for everyday use.”

The UHF088 is available nationally through leading auto retailers and retails at around $259.00

For more details visit:


Interested in a career in Logistics and Operation Management?

Enrol now in Holmesglen’s Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Operations Management

The Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Operations Management has been developed in association with industry to meet the changing needs of operational managers, and to benefit individuals responsible for purchasing, warehousing and the logistical functions associated with business enterprise today. This course develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to make effective decisions at a managerial level, within logistics related roles.

Graduates with appropriate work experience can pursue a range of career opportunities within management, logistics, purchasing, warehousing and other related areas.

Apply now!

T: 03 9564 2664


It’s not just a shelf – it’s Super 123

That's because since Super 123 is actually a shelf and not a rack means its safer, more versatile, much quicker to install and a lot cheaper than what many people are currently using.


Furthermore, being Italian, you can be sure its sleek, modern and stylish- a claim no other shelving company can honestly make.

Being completely boltless and with a modular construction helps cater for any inventory item under the sun, including small parts storage, shoes, car parts, buttons and haberdashery, electrical and hardware items, computer components, pharmaceuticals or bolts and nuts.

The Super 123 shelving range includes modular containers, drawer sets as well as sliding dividers and many other features, with standard components ranging in depth and width to cater for any stock item under the sun.

The load capacities of Super 123 vary from 145 kg per shelf level to 630 kg per shelf level and the frame capacities range from between 1500 kg per frame to 3600 kg per frame.

And being European-designed means that all Super 123 shelving is certified by the most stringent world standards  there is such as TUV, ISO and FEM for design integrity, strength and a wide variety of applications, including food-grade ones.

Super 123 comes in a huge range of shelving surfaces including a steel shelf as well as a plastic food graded shelf and a special clip to cater for a wood surface if needed.

Super 123 can also reach dizzying heights with its ability to be used in the construction of multitier structures for your day-to-day narrow aisle high rise storage- this is an important point as safety in the materials handling industry is paramount and as such, Super 123 will not only look great and be easy to set up, but it's safety is second to none, meaning with Super 123, you really can sleep easy.

Why buy expensive, ungainly and potentially unsafe racking when you can have the modular, stylish and super safe Super 123 shelving technology from Metalsistem?

Metalsistem Australia

9B International Square

Tullamarine  VIC 3043

PH  +61 3 9310 5939

F     +61 3 9310 5938

M   +61 408 369 741

Commercial storage solutions



Do you need a storage solution for your business? 

We can help.  With sites across Australia, AutoNexus can provide seamless, responsive solutions for your vehicle, motorcycle, boating or caravan storage needs.  We provide expert storage solutions for a range of automotive brands who entrust us with the safekeeping of their valuable product.

Looking for more?

We specialise in tailoring our services to best support your business and, in addition to our storage solutions, offer a national one stop service for:

If you would like to discuss a long term solution or are just running out storage space and need temporary assistance, please contact our Business Development Managers Cath Munns on (02) 8848 7119 or Matthew St Leger on (03) 9090 4301, email or visit


2012 National Challenge – Start Date: 16th APRIL, 2012


Commencing on 16th April 2012, your company is challenged to join the second National Challenge of The Fresh Connection where simultaneously participants from around Australia will have the task to work as a team to save the fictional company, The Fresh Connection, from financial ruin. The challenge: to collaborate with fellow team members, craft a strategy, integrate decisions, implement change, make effective strategic and tactical decisions, and to completely transform The Fresh Connection company so as to make it as profitable as possible.



Business Benefits of Participation

  • Increase Cross Functional knowledge and awareness

  • Develop advanced decision making skills

  • Learn how to effectively manage trade-offs

  • Gain knowledge of how to put strategy into action through a robust S&OP process

  • Makes benefits of collaboration measurable

  • Build effective teams

  • Achieve national and international recognition

  • Be rewarded for excellence

  • Become The Fresh Connection Champion Team


National Challenge 2012 early bird team entry – AUD $1,490 per team ($1,639 inc GST)

(Early Bird entries close 31st January, 2012)

Click to download the challenge flyer and registration form

Registration may also be made online at:


2012 National Challenge Partner




Find smart solutions to storage problems on new Colby website

Visitors to will find extensive product data and information to help the user determine which type of storage system is the best fit for their needs.

Colby Storage Solutions combines the flexibility of a national network of independent distributors with the resources of global materials handling specialist Dematic.

Over the past 40 years, Colby Storage Solutions has built a strong reputation for reliable delivery, installation and back-up, supporting businesses of all types and across an extensive range of applications.

Colby’s experienced team can provide advice on design, layout, equipment and OH&S issues, and can assist in sourcing virtually everything for industrial facilities including packing benches, pallet trucks, bins, totes, carts and conveyors.

Check out today and discover how Colby Storage Solutions can help solve your storage problems.


The Sky’s the Limit With Metalsistem Shelving


Metalsistem’s multi-tiered structures are designed to increase the utilisation of the full warehouse height, as well as minimise the floor space required. The multi-tier structure is a fantastic floor saver that creates a dynamic picking module, which can be incorporated into your day-to-day stock picking.

Metalsistem’s multi-tiered structures are available with walkways, complete with steel flooring, available in a variety of finishes such as perforated floor, ribbed floor, anti slip floor, etc.

The multi-tiered structures can be designed to include guide rails, loading gates and  staircases, all incorporated into the structure and not as a free-standing afterthought. The flexibility and the modularity of the structure also allows for the incorporation of lifts and conveyor systems into the structure with minimal interruption.

There is a vast range of accessories available in the Super 123 and UNIRACK systems that can be incorporated into the multi-tiered structures as well, and can be used for small part storage, stock separation, or simple book stoppers.

The two- or three-tier structures are available in a great variety of configurations, from simple to complex, and have been designed to combine light weight with high strength in the best Metalsistem tradition, with no bolts, nuts or welding required.

For more information, please contact Ms. Oshi Kirk Director Metalsistem Australia9B International Square Tullamarine VIC 3043   

Ph +61 3 9310 5939   F+61 3 9310 59 M  +61 408 369 741       

100% Error-Free Picking with KiSoft Vision


KiSoft Vision is the first optically guided picking system where virtual information appears directly in the field of view of the operator wearing a head-mounted display. The integrated navigation system leads the way to the target storage location, where products to be picked are optically highlighted. An integrated camera registers barcodes, lot and serial numbers during the picking process. Extra steps for acknowledgement are completely eliminated.

Introducing optical technologies in picking makes it possible to raise process quality in the entire warehouse to new levels. KNAPP offers customers 100% error-free picking through the right combination of processes and technology. Any errors that may occur are identified on the spot and can be immediately corrected. Complicated error detection at the end of processes is eliminated along with the connected high cost of error correction.


KiSoft Vision in real warehouse operation started in June 2011 at a reference customer. In this case, KiSoft Vision is used as a picking system in the manual picking area and for 100% checks at an OSR Shuttle work station. The integration of KiSoft Vision improves performance as well as the quality of the picking process. Serial numbers can also be automatically captured without extra work.


The KNAPP group is one of the world's leading suppliers of all-in-one intralogistics solutions and turnkey systems in warehouse logistics and warehouse automation. With more than 1,400 active systems and one new startup every four days, KNAPP is the leading European software provider for high-performance logistics solutions.


James Schmidt, +61 412 76 75 72


130 to 148 Woodpark Road

Smithfield Sydney NSW

phone: + 61 (02) 97215900



Gain Industry-Leading Durability With Honeywell’s Dolphin 99EX


Designed to meet the needs of the transportation and logistics worker, the 99EX is equipped with high-speed wireless technology that enables real-time voice and data communication. Powered by a software-definable radio, the device allows for on-the-fly switching between GSM and CDMA networks. The mobile computer also incorporates GPS technology for faster data acquisition and better tracking while on the road.

As the first product in the Honeywell mobility line to incorporate next generation Adaptus® Imaging Technology 6.0, the 99EX offers the most advanced capabilities for reading high density linear and 2D bar codes with faster decoding, enhanced motion tolerance, and longer distance reading.   Integrated Shift-PLUS™ power management technology provides all day battery life, minimizing the time and expense incurred when batteries need to be charged or replaced. The device is also IP67 rated and is capable of withstanding multiple drops to concrete from as high as six feet.

The 99EX runs on Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, and is compatible with Honeywell’s Remote MasterMind® (ReM) device management software, which allows all devices within a network to be managed from a single remote location.  Further, the 99EX is available with Service Made Simple™, Honeywell’s premiere service offering that provides hassle-free protection on a device for up to five years.

For more information and to see if you qualify for a free trial, click here.  Alternatively, you can call +61 2 9846 0217 or email

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