Direct Couriers – servicing Australia for over 25 years

Direct Couriers has been operating in the domestic courier market in Australia for over 25 years. Early on, we realised the importance of providing clients with timely information and updates on their deliveries as well as quick responses to their queries. To this end, Direct Couriers developed systems and implemented hardware devices that make the information customers need, readily available to our proactive customer service team.

All of the drivers in the Direct Couriers fleet have a hand held data unit. Messages sent from our office to our drivers are received on these units. Drivers then respond using their key pads, similar to a text message, or they can select from preloaded templates.  Because our drivers are never out of contact, enquires can be resolved in the shortest possible time.  

We also utilise a GPS vehicle tracking system, this shows the current locations of our entire fleet to within metres of where they are. This can be viewed on either a grid map or as a satellite image. Our customer service team can then accurately estimate the time to pickup and/or delivery based on the driver’s current location and the work he/she has on board.  

Working in sync – our intranet system, hand held data units and GPS tracking facilities allow us to provide accurate information to clients in the shortest possible time. All communication between our office and our drivers is delivered instantaneously.

Our system also keeps a log of all messages, alerts our customer service team when a response to a query has arrived and can generate a report of all communication regarding any particular delivery or enquiry.

The driver data units also fulfil a number of other functions including receiving job bookings directly from our operating system, transmitting job updates such as loading time, capturing POD details and digital signatures and so forth.  

As we all know, business today moves at a frantic pace and access to timely information is often critical to our success.  With the use of technology, our customer service team provides clients with accurate information in the shortest possible time.  

To learn more about Direct Couriers and how we can assist you to best manage your courier needs contact your local office in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide on 13 16 10 or visit our web site at

Direct Couriers delivers SERVICE

Seven key reasons Direct Couriers makes a reliable business partner are –

  • Support
  • E-commerce
  • Real time proof of delivery (POD)
  • Versatility
  • Information
  • Coverage
  • Expertise

Together these things equal SERVICE!

Direct Couriers

Coverage and Versatility

With offices throughout Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide; you can work with Direct Couriers from coast to coast.  Clients can choose from a comprehensive range of services including: storage, local point-to-point courier, taxi truck, local LCL cartage, set runs and exclusive hire.  We also have a large and diverse fleet comprising motorbikes to semi trailers and including specialist vehicles such as tail lifters. 

E-commerce and Real time proof of delivery

We have secure and user friendly online services.  Clients can book and track deliveries online and access POD information, they can also review invoices and maintain databases of regular pickup/delivery addresses.  Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for clients to work with us! 


Information is a key ingredient to business success, without accurate and timely data it can be difficult to make the best decision.  No matter which Direct Couriers service you are using we have reports available to assist you.  Standard reports are KPI / Activity Reports and Service Analysis Reports.  There are also specific reports for warehousing and exclusive (permanent) hire clients.

Support and Expertise

Our services are backed up by a team of customer service and account management professionals available to help with any enquiries you may have.  Additionally, all Direct Couriers offices are Regulated Air Cargo Agents (RACA).  As a business we understand air cargo security is critically important. 

If SERVICE is important to you, contact Direct Couriers on 13 16 10 to discuss your courier needs or visit our website  for additional information.  We would value the opportunity to assist you in managing your deliveries to perfection. 

Pocketable, powerful and rugged, a new breed of EDA

As operating costs and customer service continue to drive business strategy, companies are always on the lookout for new ways to provide faster, flexible and more reliable service. The Motorola MC55 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) meets that need.

Pocketable, powerful and rugged, the MC55 represents a new breed of EDA. Blending true consumer styling with best-in-class mobile technologies, it’s Motorola’s smallest, lightest, and full-featured business-class mobile device. A cell phone, two-way radio, bar code scanner, digital camera and mobile computer all in a single device, the MC55 is designed from the ground up to meet all of today’s mobile worker, business application and IT requirements.

Available in multiple WAN/LAN/PAN version configurations, this handheld device is ideal for applications inside and outside the four walls. A complete line of accessories allow you to tailor the MC55 to best meet the needs of task workers and managers, and a broad range of keypad options allow you simplify and streamline certain applications.

With a wide array of data capture options, the MC55 allows you to automate, enrich and error-proof data collection in various areas of your business. For workers who require only bar code scanning, choose a 1D laser scanner version of the MC55. A 2D imager version is also available for users who need to capture 1D and 2D bar codes. For workers who need to capture images and bar codes, choose an optional 2 megapixel autofocus high resolution camera with a 1D laser scanner or 2D imager.

Designed to support voice as well as data, the MC55 offers a superior voice experience. Features include full duplex voice and push-to-talk (PTT) over the WWAN and WLAN – which enables one-to-one calling as well as walkie-talkie style instant communications. In addition, Bluetooth headset, handset and speakerphone mode gives users the flexibility to meet the needs of a job at any particular moment.

Motorola’s industry-leading drop and tumble testing combines with IP54 sealing to ensure reliable operation in the face of drops, bumps and exposure to the elements. Best of all, the MC55 is easy to cost-justify because it replaces as many as five business devices, substantially reducing capital and operational expenses.

  • Sleek yet rugged pocketable lightweight form factor
  • Provides essential real-time voice and data capabilities
  • Works inside and outside the four walls
  • Eliminates the need to carry and manage multiple devices
  • Improves customer satisfaction with instant error free service
  • Reduces user fatigue with lightweight, compact design
  • Minimizes user training with an intuitive reliable platform

Learn more here

Sky-trax Indoor Vehicle Positioning System


Peacock Bros. now exclusively offer “Sky-trax”, an indoor positioning system that will track, record and monitor the activities of any indoor vehicles such as forklifts and pallet stackers. Accurate up to 3 sq cm, this revolutionary system will greatly improve the performance and management of indoor vehicles in as they operate within your warehouse or distribution centre. Initial installations have delivered a quick return on investment and dramatic improvements in operational efficiencies.

The Sky-trax system includes a server with software called OPSman which displays in CAD display format your warehouse with illustrations of your forklifts or other indoor vehicles that move in real-time as your vehicles move. Sky-trax constantly records and gathers data such as distances travelled without a load, the amount of downtime for each vehicle and when and where impacts have occurred for recall and analyzing.

Using a patented optical image reader called Sky-I, mounted on the top of the vehicle and pointed upwards this tracking solution can determine the position, speed and direction of your vehicles by references to roof suspended Sky-Markers. The Sky-I optical reader communicates with a vehicle mounted mobile computer such as an Intermec CV30 or Motorola VC5090 connected to any WIFI wireless network.

Sky-trax is completely independent with no ongoing access costs and can be fitted in dark, cold, hot or even exposed warehouses without any interference in operational accuracy. It can manage a single vehicle or your entire indoor fleet no matter what your warehouse or distribution centre layout is.

The OPSman software tracks the movements of all your indoor vehicles and produce reports on operational efficiency, downtime, heavy traffic areas and hazard zones. An additional “breadcrumb” feature will show the areas of your warehouse that receive the most traffic so that you can adjust your work areas for maximum efficiency. Constant real-time monitoring without error ensures that your operation can track and trace vehicles and stock at any time and control your operations as the events occur.

Combining this technology with RFID readers mounted on your forklift load backrests and RFID SSCC labels will give you a system that not only tracks the position of your vehicles, but your inventory as well. You can even leave an RFID tagged pallet of stock in the middle of the floor and it will display the pallets’ exact location. Pallets can be stored up to 6 bays high or 20 pallets deep with complete visibility. Missing stock becomes a thing of the past and accurate stock rotation is no longer a problem.

For 120 years Peacock Bros. have been providing business management solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our Data Division specializes in designing and custom installations of automated inventory management solutions for the Transport, Logistics and Warehousing industries. The Sky-trax Indoor Vehicle Positioning System is a result of our dedication to research and development and understanding of your business needs. 

For more information contact Peacock Bros. on: 1300 723 282 or email:

User friendly Zebra ZM series of thermal label printers


Zebra Technologies has released a new range of thermal barcode label printers replacing the current Z4 and Z6 plus series. The new ZM series offer an easier to operate form, increased connectivity, RFID readiness as standard and an impressive number of available options, all at the same price as the previous models.

The new Zebra ZM series thermal barcode label printers come standard with features that provide unsurpassed easy to use operation and user selectable adjustments such as an adjustable black mark / label edge sensor.

As standard the label printers include the additional connectivity of USB 2 for faster and more reliable connectivity with most warehouse, manufacturing and business applications, with the option of adding a wireless ZebraNet 10/100 print server for simultaneous parallel and ethernet connections.

Two versions of the ZM series are available, the ZM400 and the ZM600. The ZM400 boasts printhead choices of up to 600 dpi at 104mm wide and the ZM600 up to 300 dpi at 168mm wide. Both can perform ZPL and EPL printing tasks.  A larger LCD display on the front means quick printing status visibility and a real time clock for accurate variable data printing. Media handling options such as label cutter, peel and liner rewind can be installed for automated label handling functionality.

The new ZM series of thermal label printer is a fast, reliable and affordable choice for label printing tasks such as: Work in progress, order fulfillment, compliance labelling, distribution, warehouse management, shipping / receiving and pharmacy / healthcare labelling. A solid metal chassis and reliable up-to-date functionality make the new ZM series printers from Zebra a perfect choice for your label printing applications.

Peacock Bros. have been providing Zebra labelling solutions for over 20 years and offer full manufacturer backed after sales service and support on the complete range of Zebra printers.

For more information, please contact Peacock Bros. on: 1300 723 282, email: or visit our website at:

Alternative to Refrigerated Vehicles for Sensitive Goods


Saving Energy and Costs – Top Priorities for Logistics

Portable Insulated Containers Provide Solutions

The number of “green” consumers in the World is growing rapidly and they are becoming very conscious of the carbon footprint of the products they buy. When you combine this trend with the very obvious benefits to profitability, this means that the time is at hand when the food and pharmaceutical sector must change its operations and cut its carbon emissions – if only to stay ahead of competitors.

Many food manufacturers and processors already have systems in place to ensure that excessive (and expensive) quantities of power are not used, temperatures of refrigeration equipment are kept within the correct levels for economic operation, loading bay doors kept shut when not in use and their staff made aware of the cost of wasting energy. However, this does not always apply to the distribution system, whether carried out by the manufacturer, their customer or a third party logistics provider.

There is an alternative to the obvious use of refrigerated vehicles for temperature sensitive goods – portable, insulated and/or refrigerated containers. Thus the actual vehicles can have normal dry-freight bodywork without the need for costly refrigeration systems (both to buy and operate with many having an additional diesel engine). There is a saving in energy and reduced running costs as a result of lower unladen weight without refrigeration and less energy is consumed in the manufacture of a non-insulated body. It is also possible to reduce the actual vehicle fleet as both ambient and temperature-controlled goods can be carried in the same vehicle.


As the goods are delivered in their own “mini” cold stores there is no need for refrigerated stores at the delivery point. It is also not necessary to have temperature-controlled assembly areas or loading banks. An added benefit is that the refrigeration systems used by CoolPac/Olivo containers (eutectic plates or injected CO2) are totally silent – ideal as well for “out of hours” deliveries.

As the CoolPac/Olivo containers have a very long life, further energy requirements are not needed to regularly replace old and worn out equipment. By using eutectic plates for refrigeration these can be frozen in the freezing plant at the factory without the need for additional equipment. The Siber System of injected CO2 uses gas that is predominantly obtained from chemical processes in industry. This gas is usually just vented to atmosphere if not used.

In the UK, The Carbon Trust, which exists to help companies to understand systematically the known risks and opportunities associated with climate change, found that last summer alone poor energy efficiency cost the food and drink businesses in the United Kingdom at least £26 million (€35 million/ $52 million)! By simply adopting a forward-thinking approach to carbon emissions and looking closely at their supply chain with such simple solutions as annotated above, companies have the potential to realise significant carbon savings and develop new profit opportunities as we create a low-carbon economy.

A wide range of food and pharmaceutical distribution organisations around the World have found that by choosing CoolPac/Olivo containers for their operations, large cost savings have been a feature and with the added benefits of considerable reductions in their carbon emissions.


For more than fifty years in Europe, industrial size insulated containers together with Eutectic technology have been used to transport chilled and frozen goods alongside dry goods using non-refrigerated trucks/vans. 

For more information, contact or phone Lyn Radnell on 0425 720 885

The new Jetstick Industrial label applicator

Jetstick Label Applicator

The new low cost Jetstick Industrial Applicator (JIA) is designed for rapid barcode label application in industrial situations.  The JIA is an air-powered label applicator that integrates with a barcode label printer such as the Intermec PM4i by way of a base plate.  When the printer presents the printed barcode label, the JIA holds the label via suction and positions it for “blow” application onto the target package or carton.

This is a very economically priced label applicator ideally suited for the industrial goods and processed foods market, but will also work brilliantly in the Transport and Logistics industry.  Because the labels are applied by air, the label application works accurately on items of irregular sizes, shapes and surfaces with ease.  Labels up to 100mm x 150mm can be applied from a distance of 100mm which is superior to some more expensive, and elaborate existing systems.

As there is no physical contact with the item that the label is to be applied to, this system will not damage the goods or touch the surface.  The Jetstick Industrial Applicator uses its own patented air-amplifier mechanism that increases the air pressure without increasing the amount of air required saving on operating costs.  This combined with the speed, range and accuracy of the label propulsion, make the JIA a unique labelling option.

The JIA is manufactured from high strength aluminum finished with an anodized surface and boast only two moving parts (motor and air valve) for minimal maintenance and solid reliability.  The flexible assembly means that this solution can be set up to apply labels on the top or side of cartons depending on the application need.

Optional wireless network connectivity will enable your Jetstick label applicator to be remotely managed via your warehouse management system, desktop PC or via a wireless handheld computer.  Now you can change label data information and label formats from anywhere within your facility without a direct cable connection.

Peacock Bros. are the exclusive distributors in Australia and New Zealand for the Jetstick Industrial Applicator with fully trained and qualified staff on hand that can provide the right advice and custom fit this unique, cost effective label application solution into almost any workplace.

For more information, please contact Peacock Bros on: 1300 723 282 or email:

New commodity trailer – the right fit equals the perfect balance


The new Wilson Australian Commodity Trailer has been specifically engineered to suit Australia and its unique operating conditions and will encompass all the Wilson qualities that create the Perfect Balance of: Quality, Durability and Performance.

This B-Double Model Trailer integrates Wilson’s renowned lightweight aluminium design to provide an increase in payload of up to 48 tonnes.

The custom design of the Wilson commodity trailer for the Australian market, demonstrated through bottom discharge functionality, has the ability to unload into all existing rail infrastructures. This innovative design ensures that efficiency is maintained via ease of operation whilst not comprising safety. Some of the key safety features include:

  • Oval Stop & Turn Lights in the Rear Header
  • Inside Load Lights for Night Loading
  • Halogen Unloading Lights in the Apex for night time unloading
  • Ladders Inside the Hoppers
  • Grad handles
  • Non-Skid step surfaces on and ladders and walkways
  • Safety decals
  • Full Length conspicuity tape
  • Rear Impact Guard to prevent run under

Wilson has 43 years experience in the manufacture of grain and self-unloading conveyor trailers, coupled with an extensive history in North America building B-Doubles for the Canadian market.

The Wilson name is associated with over a century of demonstrated leadership in the design, production, distribution and support of their superior trailers. Plus, with an ongoing company-wide commitment to excellence of every detail, Wilson boasts an established group of satisfied customers.

With extensive production capabilities, the manufacture and delivery of multiple units is realised much quicker than local manufacturers. This provides our customers with a competitive edge and the ability to attain operational savings via efficiency gains and reap the financial benefits of increased payloads quicker.

The industry has already expressed interest regarding the National release of these custom designed trailers, with many indicating what an invaluable asset they will be for many Grain Carriers. Not only does the lightweight aluminium design enable increased payloads, but provides a material resistant to corrosion promoting less maintenance costs.

With the partnership of Featherlite Trailers Australia and Wilson Trailer you will soon realise that Wilson is a “good name to have behind you”.

For more information visit or call1300 889 892.

Hot new handheld terminal for cold storage

LXE handheld terminal MX7CS

LXE recently announced the introduction of the MX7CS handheld data collection computer for cold storage environments at the 11th Cold Chain Education Program in Amsterdam The Netherlands and the FROZEN exhibition in Zaragoza Spain.

The MX7CS is the smallest, lightest handheld on the market specifically designed for highly effective use in sub-freezing temperatures (down to -30C). The MX7CS completes LXE’s industry-leading cold storage product line, which includes the MX5X ultra-rugged handheld, the VX6 half-screen and the VX7 full screen Vehicle Mount Computers.

"The MX7CS fills a critical hole in the cold storage market for a rugged handheld data collection device that’s small and lightweight," says Stephen Dubois, LXE’s Regional Manager, Australia and New Zealand. "LXE has a deep understanding of the cold storage business based on extensive experience in delivering these solutions. The MX7CS is the culmination of all the customer feedback and lessons weíve learned during that time."

The MX7CS solves the problems that make it impossible to use standard handheld computers in cold storage environments. Built-in heaters eliminate both fogging and frosting, a specialised battery ensures free-flowing power, and a highly effective conformal coating technique protects the unit from condensation.

The MX7CS comes "voice-ready" and allows voice logistics applications and barcode scanning applications to be used on the same unit. As with all of LXE’s products, the MX7CS is "Born Rugged, not Made Rugged TM". Specialised plastics absorb impacts; solid state, industrialised electronics resist shock and vibration; and a fully ruggedised display and backlit keyboard can handle the rigors of rough industrial operations.

For more information on the MX7CS handheld computer for cold storage, go to

About LXE Inc.

LXE Inc. improves supply chain performance by applying over 36 years’ experience developing wireless products and solutions. From rugged mobile computers, advanced auto-ID technologies, and secure wireless network infrastructure, to our award-winning customer support – LXE’s easy-to-use products are as reliable as the people who install and support them.

Based in Norcross, Georgia, LXE also offers a full range of turnkey services, including radio integration, project and installation management, network design, technical support, and repair services. LXE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EMS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ELMG), and has offices worldwide.

For more information, visit our Website at

For further information, please contact:

Stephen Dubois

Phone: +61 2 9438 4324



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