New Generation Mitsubishi Pedestrian Stacker Truck, setting new standards in Materials Handling.

These completely newly designed Mitsubishi Pedestrian Stackers come with an ergonomic tiller arm and extremely compact powerhead and outstanding visibility. The AXIA ES ensures excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces.
The new Mitsubishi Pedestrian Stacker series include advanced and added value features that deliver real customer benefits, particularly in terms of reliability and value for money.
These features include:
– A sealed chassis to offer protection against dirt, dust and other particles lying around your work site which can reduce wear of the truck.
– A fantastic water- resistant design which diverts splashed moisture away from key electrical components for longer truck life.
– Low centre of gravity which aids stability for safe operation.
– A powerful AC drive motor which gives excellent traction and ramp performance, as well as smooth, quiet, controlled operation, extended shift length and lower maintenance requirements.
– Convenient extra ground clearance for driving on ramps and loading docks.
– The choice of two performance modes, enhancing safety, energy, efficiency and productivity.
– A foldable driver platform which offers a comfortable ride over longer distances.
These newly designed, state of the art trucks are available in 1,600Kg capacity. For more information on the brand new Mitsubishi AXIA ES Pedestrian Stacker, please contact MLA Holdings on:
131 652


The new BHT-1200 Series terminal increases business efficiency with a superior high capacity battery, providing up to 12 hours of operation connected to 3.75G network. With latest CCD technology

In-vehicle Surveillance with Fleet Management Computing Box, TREK-668

TREK-668 is an industrial-grade, dual-core computing box designed to provide high-quality video surveillance and fleet management for police car, ambulance, fire engine, buses and trains.

TREK-668 product banner

TREK-668 delivers tracking and positioning and also supports dead-reckoning, which allows a truck to be traced even if the driver is in a tunnel. It supports the J1939 protocol for vehicle diagnostics and driver behaviour management, and it supports high-quality, MPEG-4, MJPEG, H.264 recording, and transmission for up to 12 camera inputs.
It has one PSE for an IP camera, and dual display/dual audio interfaces which support different resolutions. Each camera input provides motion detection capabilities; there are 8 audio inputs. The TREK-668 provides reliable on-board recording and can transmit images or alarms for remote monitoring over a wireless, GPRS, 3G, or HSDPA network connection.
See here for more information.

No rainy days for Mitsubishi FB- TCB; battery electric designed to work indoors and outdoors

This new FB- TCB model comes with a large range of features designed to offer a pleasurable driving combination of maximum safety, durability and the versatility to handle any working environment.

Fork lift

One of the features is that the FB-TCB series meets the new IPXS4 enclosure rating level which means that this truck can take water splashes from all directions and angles. This makes it ideal for operating in light rain; therefore working outdoors is no longer an Internal Combustion trucks turf only.
The FB-TCB also comes with an array of improvements in safety, such as the mast and travel interlock system which disables the travel and hydraulic system when the driver has left their seat unattended. The rear combination lamps have been relocated to the top of the head guard to provide maximum visibility. The FB-TCB series also comes with an emergency stop which allows the operator to stop the forklifts operation in the push of a button.
The new FB- TCB series is all about creating the best working conditions for its operators. One way this is achieved is by the increased legroom. The legroom in this particular machine has been increased by 55mm
There are now four additional models to the family that range from 1.5- 2.0 tonne capacity with three of these models featuring a larger battery compartment to allow for extended working hours by fitting bigger batteries into the truck.
For more information on this truck, contact MLA Holdings:

10.4" Semi-rugged Tablet PC

Optimize Field Worker Efficiency with Semi-rugged Tablet, PWS-770
Body Copy Pic 1
The PWS-770 fills a growing need for field services and transportation, helping improve mobile worker efficiency by providing a robust, portable platform that is flexible, lightweight, and semi-rugged. The mobile system has a wireless connectivity options, ensuring maximum uptime for workers in the field.
High Flexibility for Field Services Workers
One of the most important and unique design features is flexibility; selectable data capture modules, abundant accessories, and rich I/O. Data capture has never been easier or more versatile with PWS-770

Honeywell Thor VM2 Vehicle-Mount Computer

Ideally suitable for warehouse, port and yard process automation, the Thor VM2 introduces an additional form factor option granting greater flexibility which is emphasized by its 9.7

RBMK Series multi- way reach truck

MLA Holdings introduces the new Mitsubishi RBMK Series Multi-Way Reach Truck to their product range. These specialised trucks are a clever solution to the problem of handling long loads such as pipes or timber.
9) RBM_warehouse
By travelling sideways, the RBMK can carry long loads in very narrow aisles and confined spaces delivering huge space saving economies.
As with all Mitsubishi reach trucks the RBMK uses all AC design for improved efficiency. By using all AC motors, Mitsubishi have substantially reduced the total cost of ownership with lower energy consumption and fewer wearing parts.
What makes the Mitsubishi RBMK Series multi-way reach trucks so remarkable is their flexible driving capabilities. The RBMK can travel forward, backward, sideways, diagonally or rotate as well as lift and lower the load. This, combined with convenient controls and full 360 degree turning of each wheel, allows precise steering of the truck and pinpoint positioning of the load.
How does it work? In order to optimise manoeuvrability, each wheel has its own independent steering motor and braking system. Full programmability ensures that travel speed, acceleration and braking are suited to the application and operator.
– Rapid lift and lower speeds: to increase productivity.
– High- frequency control unit for pump ensures smooth, jolt- free performance for each individual hydraulic action.
– Hydraulic fork spreader is fitted as standard for efficient long- load handling.
– Fly-by-wire steering and feather light hydraulic controls ensures effortless operation, however long the shift.
– Spacious, ergonomic cabin and smooth performance allow operator to work in quiet comfort.
– Clear-view mast with fork tilt and fork positioning allows high visibility and precise positioning of loads.
– Strong regenerative braking speeds up work cycles, extends battery life and protects components from premature wear.
– Built- in diagnostics and fault memory mean fast troubleshooting and minimum downtime.
– Swing-open cab design gives total access for rapid servicing and repair.
The Mitsubishi RBMK is a space saving solution that delivers real warehouse economies through intelligent design. For more information on this product please contact MLA Holdings:

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