Kardex’s automation technology offers high-density storage within a minimal footprint helping to optimise your warehouse space. Image: Kardex.

Optimise your warehouse space with Kardex

Optimising warehouse space is essential for meeting increasing customer demands. Traditional storage methods can be ineffective as it consumes excessive resources in relation to time, man hours and space. Read More
Fluent Cargo’s approach to central routing provides customers with an easy, carrier agnostic solution regardless of mode. Image: Fluent Cargo.

Fluent Cargo announces global team expansion

Fluent Cargo, a fast-growing and cutting-edge cargo routing solutions provider, is thrilled to announce its revamped executive team, poised to drive the company’s commitment to excellence and growth in logistics routing software. Read More
Prological’s full market update delves into six critical areas. Image: Prological.

Stay ahead of disruption with Prological

What’s been happening this quarter in global trade, supply chain and tech? Prological’s Managing Director Peter Jones examines trends and news to help organisations keep up to date and stay ahead of trends and business disruption in 2024. Read More
Linde’s Lithium-ION range points the way to the future. Image: Linde.

Unravelling lithium myths

MHD sits down for an in-depth discussion with Linde Material Handling Australia’s Allan Spackman and Greg Wood to demystify Lithium-ION forklift technology, address prevailing misconceptions and safety concerns, and highlight the significant environmental advantages Lithium-ION forklifts offer. Read More
aviation industry

Aviation industry soars towards sustainability

In a landmark series of developments, the global aviation industry has intensified its commitment towards environmental sustainability and carbon reduction. Spearheading these initiatives are the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), and a strategic partnership between the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Smart Freight Centre (SFC), each contributing significantly to the sector’s green transformation. Read More
MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition

Apex Business Park nominated for MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition

In a significant nod to its sustainable initiatives, Apex Business Park, developed by The GPT Group, has been nominated for the MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition. This recognition underscores the park’s commitment to pioneering sustainable practices within the logistics and warehousing sector, a crucial step towards a greener future. Read More
The effectiveness of the Made for More program is evidenced by its impressive retention rates and positive feedback from participants. Image: TMHA.

Empowering potential, enriching careers

Toyota Material Handling Australia’s “Made for More” program redefines employee engagement and development in the logistics sector. Through innovative strategies and a focus on individual potential, TMHA sets a new standard for workforce satisfaction and retention. Read More