supply chain agility

Mastering supply chain agility with SICK solutions

The very essence of a successful supply chain lies in its agility – the ability to swiftly adapt to and manage the constantly shifting customer demands and challenges of the global resource shortages. In this dynamic environment, companies such as SICK have emerged as indispensable allies, helping businesses achieve unmatched levels of flexibility and responsiveness. Read More
AI and supply chain

Is AI the future of supply chain?

Peter Jones, Managing Director of Prological, discusses AI’s prospects for improving supply chains, how earlier technological predictions have panned out, and why AI might be less transformative than many of its current boosters think. Read More
intralogistics Australia and New Zealand

Uncovering Argon & Co

Argon & Co is quickly positioning itself to be the most comprehensive end-to-end operations and transformation consultancy in town, making strategic acquisition after strategic acquisition. Most recently, Argon & Co bolstered its intralogistics team in ANZ by merging with Fuzzy LogX and Studio Logistic. MHD speaks to Argon & Co’s Sean Mitchell and Richard Mahoney to discover the journey the company has taken, and what the new and improved Argon & Co offers the ANZ market today. Read More