The APC includes equipment built from recycled materials and chutes made from bamboo. Image: TMX Transform.

TMX helps NZ Post with APC

NZ Post, with the help of TMX Transform, has opened a DC in Auckland for processing domestic parcels – a milestone in its $200 million-dollar, 10-year investment plan and transformation project known as the ‘Te lho’ program. Read More
FedEx and the USPS have had a long and productive relationship for more than 20 years. Image: FedEx.

FedEx Express and USPS agreement to expire

Following extensive discussions, FedEx Corporation has announced the agreement between FedEx Express and United States Postal Service (USPS) for domestic transportation services will expire by its terms on September 29, 2024. Read More
With Salesforce, Australia Post says it can now enable every customer-facing team member to support its merchant and consumer customers. Image: Australia Post.

Australia Post signs Salesforce deal

Australia Post has announced a new multi-year deal with Salesforce, harnessing Salesforce’s Data and AI capabilities supporting Australia Post’s Customer Experience Transformation, helping to redesign and deliver enhanced customer experiences. Read More