Schaefer Sydney comes alive

Display and Storage Techniques (Aust) Pty Ltd has joined forces with the world’s largest supplier of industrial storage equipment, SSI Schaefer, and at the same time secured two industry heavyweights.

Graham Eastick and Martin Bates have joined Display and Storage, to form Schaefer Sydney, SSI Schaefer’s newest distributor. Schaefer Sydney will operate in NSW and the ACT, offering a wide range of industrial storage equipment from one source. 

Martin Bates said: “It is very exciting taking on the Schaefer brand in a market like Sydney. Graham Eastick and I will continue the great work done by the Display and Storage team to date bringing significant presence and in turn market share to Schaefer.

“Our customers will enjoy the best value-adding solutions from a team of industry professionals. As we build our team, customer outcomes will be the focus,” he said.

Operating out of its Moorebank premises, Schaefer Sydney claims to have the widest range of stock on hand in NSW, covering industrial pallet racking, hand-loaded shelving, small parts storage systems, multi tier mezzanine floors and a wide range of plastic storage containers – in fact, anything at all to do with storage. 

For more information on Schaefer Sydney on (02) 9602 0022.

Transport & logistics industry goes techno to find new recruits

The nation’s fastest growing industry, transport and logistics, is tackling its ‘blue singlet’ image head-on to attract young Queenslanders into its workforce.Low unemployment, an ageing workforce, and a poor image are among the factors that are making it tougher and tougher for transport and logistics employers to recruit new workers.

Queensland Transport, Trade, Employment and Industrial Relations Minister John Mickel said the Queensland Government was working closely with the industry on innovative recruitment techniques and improved career paths, as well as making a massive investment in training under the Queensland Skills Plan.

The latest recruitment tool is a five-minute DVD, "Get your career moving in T&L" that visually captures career opportunities in road, rail, sea, and air transport.

"Many people aren’t aware of the magnitude of the transport and logistics industry and the exciting opportunities it offers for people of all ages and at all stages of their career," Mr Mickel said.

“Unfortunately, there’s still the stereotype of the truck driver in the blue singlet, but a career in transport and logistics covers air, rail, road and sea and includes air traffic controllers, marine engineers and logistics planners.

“The amount of freight moved around the country is expected to double by 2020 and we need to replace and boost the current 112,000 Queenslanders who are working in the industry now.”

Funded by the state government and produced in partnership with the Transport Industry Workforce Advisory Group, the new DVD will be screened in wide range of forums to jobseekers of all ages and backgrounds.

The state government is also working with schools, local communities, training providers and industry on school-to-work training programs for transport and logistics that give young people the pathways they need to progress within the industry.

Mr Mickel said the transport and logistics industry contributed $37.9 billion to the Queensland economy and needed to replace and renew its multifaceted workforce to maintain its performance.

“I’d urge young Queenslanders to check out the opportunities that a career in transport and logistics can offer,” he said.

For more information about the DVD, and career opportunities in transport and logistics, contact Queensland Transport’s Industry Capability Unit on

A good fit

Generously sponsored by ProActive Recruitment, this issue of Logistics provides a special Supply Chain & Logistics Career and Salary Guide. In an 11-page report, we analyse the Australian talent marketplace. Skills shortages are on everybody’s lips, but what is Australia’s approach to education, training and professional development? Industry leaders unravel the issues and light the direction for change.

Salary trends and associated practices provide a strong barometer for economic activity. In June, we present April 2007 salary figures and current data representing views across the industry about recruitment and retention strategies and the expectations of today’s employees.

While salary guides can inform companies about the key drivers of change, it’s important to seek specific advice. “The perception of packages in the market is considerably different from the reality, with factors such as seasonality often overlooked,” says ProActive Recruitment director Ross Christensen.

“Apart from Western Australia where we could arguably be seeing a form of hyper salary growth, in some cases 30-50 per cent increases since August, packages are moving in line with supply and demand for candidates and the employer’s ability to pay.”

Reasons for state differences include the cost of living and the nature of the market. For example, NSW is a significant finance & IT centre with less of an industrial base compared to Melbourne. Talent is therefore more easily attracted to these sectors than that of the supply chain. Clearly, packages must also vary according to the size of an operation. “There must always be a link between value add and the package,” says Christensen. “It’s logical that a South Australian business with 20 staff and $10m in income is not rewarded to the level of a Melbourne operation with 200 staff and $150m in income.”

Like all goods and services, labour is difficult to compare across borders. UK packages are considerably higher than those in Australia, but so too is the cost of living. “In the ‘expat’ market, packages have cooled in the traditional regions of Asia, but are still extremely attractive in the high growth or danger zones,” Christensen observes. “These are short term career moves however, with associated risk.”

The major competitor to the supply chain sector is still Australia’s buoyant mining industry, in some areas, forcing salaries up by over 20 per cent.

But to what extent is the dollar a motivating factor for the current market? “For too long business has been highly reactive to salary demands, with major players in the transport sector believing short term measures such as counter offering employees will retain them,” says Ross Christensen.

Research consistently shows flexibility, applied both to salary packages and working conditions is equally valued. “Training, environment, proximity, brand, prospects and working hours all play an essential role in an employee’s decision making process,” says Christensen. “Over the past 20 years, I’ve rarely heard a client say the only factor for leaving or joining a position is remuneration.”

Salary packages of the future will be more closely aligned to market forces and business aims. For example, there’s currently a significant shift of around 10-20 per cent towards packages linked to business and individual performance.

Success will come for those supply chain and logistics employers that take a holistic approach to the business of attracting and nurturing their people.

Anna Game-Lopata — Editor

Health network

Sterling Commerce, a subsidiary of AT&T, has announced the deployment of its Gentran Integration Suite™ in support of the Health Supply Network electronic commerce service.

The Sterling Commerce supply chain implementation follows a three-year agreement signed earlier this year by Wollongong-based 4Solutions Enterprises with Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, Sigma Company Limited, and Symbion Pharmacy Services, to manage the Health Supply Network.

As part of the agreement, 4Solutions Enterprises is contracted to deliver enterprise-wide IT integration between the wholesalers and distributors servicing around 5,500 retail pharmacies across the country.

Time-to-delivery and reducing the amount of stock in the warehouse is critical to economies of scale in a competitive market. 4Solutions Enterprises can now provide its three wholesalers with greater supply chain visibility.

Airfreight security report released

Addressing the demands of today’s heightened security environment is about to become easier, following the release of a definitive new Airfreight Security Report by the Air Freight Council of NSW (AFC NSW).

Carried out by security consultancy Intelligent Risks (IR) Pty Limited, the project reviews the effectiveness and determines the impact of Australian security legislation and regulations affecting air cargo operators using Sydney Airport.

While the Airfreight Security project focused primarily on the impact on the industry of post-September 11th aviation security legislation and regulations, it also covered in-depth, wider security issues related to law enforcement and air cargo security.

Over the past five years industry appreciation of the security environment affecting aircraft and air freight has changed considerably, demonstrating the necessity of a more robust and co-ordinated security regime than that historically applied.

The Australian and NSW Governments, which have already implemented a number of commendable security arrangements, indicated strong interest in the report’s findings, and in conjunction with the AFC NSW, are in the process of identifying follow-on actions that will further address industry wide issues, highlighted in the report.

CarbonView data capture

Global enterprise software solutions provider Supply Chain Consulting has announced CarbonView, a solution that enables organisations to capture, analyse and optimise carbon emission data across their operations.

CarbonView allows companies to save money and achieve carbon reductions by analysing their entire supply chain from a carbon perspective.

Peter Klein, Supply Chain Consulting’s EMEA Vice President, began developing CarbonView eight months ago, after becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of tools available to help businesses become more carbon-friendly.

Supply Chain Consulting has been working with a number of key carbon database suppliers globally to provide comprehensive greenhouse gas emission data that organisations will require for effective analysis of the environmental consequences of their operations.

Using this data, and data that companies have collected internally, businesses can run different supply chain scenarios, comparing economic and environmental changes and the supply chain impact to determine which scenario is both environmentally sound and financially viable.

In addition, CarbonView allows on-going carbon emission monitoring, with alerts set to be triggered when emissions reach pre-determined levels.

Supply Chain Consulting CEO Tony Carr says by analysing supply chains at all levels, organisations can reduce carbon footprints at various stages of product design, manufacture, distribution and sale. The result is a double bottom line benefit. “Environmental stewardship is engulfing businesses in Europe, with Australia and other nations set to follow suit,” he says.

New forklifts at Sydney produce markets

Nomel Logistics trialled a Toyota forklift for just over a week before Grant Ekstrom ordered a fleet of eight similar machines for his family-owned company.

Every day Nomel unloads fruit and vegetables from trucks coming into the Sydney fresh produce markets. Each pallet weighs around one tonne.

The produce is moved from the trucks onto the ground where the contents are checked. The produce is then lifted again onto other trucks and delivered to various agents for distribution to greater Sydney.

"We unload around 30 per cent of the fruit and vegetables coming into Sydney and run the forklifts for approximately 10 hours a night," Mr Ekstrom said.

"We carry out around 8000 to 15,000 lifts per month, depending on which season we’re in.

"I was having trouble with my existing forklifts and one of the market-based mechanics, Buddy Nohra, hired me a Toyota 8-Series forklift to trial," said Grant Ekstrom, who runs Nomel Logistics together with his father Terry Ekstrom.

Buddy Nohra, a contractor who repairs, services and hires forklifts, had recommended the reliability of Toyota forklifts.

"I’d been having overheating problems with the forklifts I had on my old fleet, and this meant less productivity," said Grant Ekstrom.

"After I’d had the 8-Series for just over a week I put in an order for eight.

"We don’t have time to stop for overheating forklifts because any downtime creates problems in terms of moving the produce quickly and efficiently," he said.

"Toyota’s 8-Series is a pleasure to drive. The forklifts are smooth and you sit higher so you can see more of what’s happening around you, as well as seeing potential hazards. But most importantly they are reliable."

Toyota designed the 1-to-3.5- tonne 8-Series internal combustion counterbalance forklifts to achieve increased safety and ergonomics, reduce operating costs and for greater environmental friendliness.

The 8-Series forklifts represent the result of eight years of intensive customer research and a multi-million dollar investment in product R&D.

Safety features of the Toyota 8-Series range include Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) as standard equipment.

For further information on the Toyota Material Handling range, freecall 1800 425 438, or visit the website at

Storage and flow rack system with adjustable height and angle

ICA has released the Creform concept for a multi-tasking, storage and part transfer unit to support warehouse order picking operations, or point-of-use locations for assembly and machining stations and work cells.

The technology is suitable for high-volume unit movements of items in many industries including general materials handling, automotive parts manufacture, metal casting, electrical and electronics, plastics, food processing and packaging. ICA is the official supplier in Australia of all Creform technology.

The structure, using the patended Creform system of pipe sections and joints, comprises a five level flow rack with each level being two lanes wide, and provides load capacity of 160kg totaling a combined structure capacity of 795kg.

A second design feature of the rack system is its wide ranging adaptation to varying situations, afforded by the infinite adjustability of the shelf level supports.

Since each end of the shelf supports can be adjusted independently, rack levels can be set for both height settings and to modify the incline angle for each layer to obtain proper material/container flow.

Equipped with casters, the rack can be loaded in staging zones then transferred to work areas; or, constructed with stabilising foot pads, the structures can be stationary flow racks supporting assembly points.

The slope on each level can be varied, the flow rack can accommodate diverse weights and mass of items to assure proper downward travel to the front or off-load point. In addition, one or more of the levels can be reversed to provide an empty container return.

Additionally, the flow rack can be constructed using either form of conveyor track offered through the Creform System—skatewheel style for rigid, uniform shape containers, or full-width roller tracks when using soft bottomed containers (boxboard, corrugated) or for non- containerized components.

Creform’s HPA and HPB style of pipe establishes the high load capacity of the new rack. HPA has an integral ‘tongue’ rib while HPB sections provide the mating ‘groove’ rib configuration (where the two are glued together using Creform adhesive).

These ribbed pipe sections form the cross beam for supporting each level creating a double beam pipe that’s more than three times the strength of a single, standard 28mm Creform pipe. These cross beams are then secured to the vertical pipe legs using a unique joint fixture that tightens on the double beam pipe assembly and the vertical pipe.

This joint can be repositioned up and down on the vertical pipe by loosening the joint using a hex Allen wrench. Angled reinforcement bracing is incorporated into the rack’s side framing to further stabilise and strengthen the structure.

Added flexibility and customisation is available with the numerous auxiliary hardware accessories available to complement each rack’s usage including label holders, lane dividers, casters, picking lights, stops, hinges and latches, clamps and mounts, springs, tool holders, heavy duty cap feet, and more. A variety of pipe colors are available to complement work areas.

The quick height- and slope-adjust flow racks are available from ICA in kit form, with components pre-sized to specified dimensions and ready to assemble, or as an assembled structure, ready-to-use.

Mid-Comp launches shrink-wrapped version of ERP

Stockman is a new shrink-wrapped version of Mid-Comp’s successful Odyssey enterprise solution, chosen recently by agribusiness giant Elders Limited in preference to 100-plus competing systems from vendors that included multinational giants SAP AG and Lawson Software.

Based on the same code as Odyssey, the competitively priced Stockman is packaged with a selection of functions that are easily tailored to SMB supply chain requirements. Stockman offers the capacity to grow from 20 to unlimited users with no change in code.

Stockman is an integrated, real-time distribution and accounting system that focuses on supply chain efficiency. Built to run via standard web browsers, the software provides true integration between all elements of the supply chain. Basic and advanced business functions can be performed by internal or external staff, customers and auditors (based upon pre-assigned user authority).

Mid-comp managing director Steve Bridges says: "As a web-based supply chain software product, it will run on any platform (iSeries, Intel, UNIX), using any database, and any web browser. Now we are offering Stockman as a solution for companies with 20 or more users who have outgrown their in-house software, yet cannot afford SAP, Oracle, Lawsons, etc.

"Mid-Comp International’s team came from the JD Edwards world, so resellers familiar with JDE will quickly appreciate why Stockman is so revolutionary."

Elders Limited selected Odyssey for its Merchandise Division operations. Other Odyssey users include Nintendo, Janome, and BlueScope Steel Logistics.


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