ifm efector whitepaper

ifm efector’s 3D sensors for robot applications

Robotics are used in many materials handling applications because they are more efficient in certain tasks and take people out of potentially unsafe situations. To work effectively, robotics rely on sensors to interact and perceive their environment. This white paper from ifm illustrates the importance of 3D image sensors in robotics and the systems used to operate and manage these.

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Combi Slip-Sheet turbocharges container unloading

Want to know how to load and unload containers fast? Combilift has the best solution to stuff and empty containers while reducing product damage and truck waiting times. The Combi Slip-Sheet has loading/unloading times of only four minutes for a 20 foot container, or less than six minutes for a 40 foot container. Watch the Combi Slip-Sheet in action here. 

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How Officeworks is leading the way in employee health

Every lockdown is a reminder for us to focus on our health and build our immunity. With many blue collar sites continuing to operate, it is more important than ever that staff have access to healthy food options in order to ensure their overall health and wellbeing.

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Going with the material flow

Read SEW Eurodrive’s whitepaper on how a compact, universal motor is improving efficiencies and saving costs across multiple industries.


Sustainable storage solutions by design

Businesses that move and handle goods as part of their livelihood are under increased pressure to maximise storage space, optimise their handling efficiency and ensure the safety of their employees. In the wake of an e-commerce boom, these challenges have intensified. Read more


Improving automation lifecycle for beverage giant

BevChain boosts safety and increases storage by 55% with Swisslog PowerStore automated warehouse shuttle.

Leading beverage distribution specialist, BevChain (a wholly owned subsidiary of Linfox), has further extended its commitment to work smarter for its customers, with the installation of a Swisslog PowerStore automated warehouse shuttle system.

This technical case study shows how BevChain enhanced safety and increased storage by 55 percent within the same building footprint by implementing a Swisslog PowerStore automated warehouse shuttle system. The new facility includes over 30,000 pallet locations, with vertical conveyors transferring pallets to and from one of five levels.

The automation technology is backed by a highly trained Swisslog on-site operations team, which works closely with BevChain to provide software support, training, condition monitoring and spare parts maintenance, to improve the overall lifecycle of the automation.

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