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Feature in MHD March: Warehouse Design

Feature in MHD March
Warehouse Design In our March edition, MHD will turn the spotlight on the vital field of warehouse design. As the supply chain landscape evolves with the advent of advanced technologies and shifting market dynamics, the design and structure of warehouses are becoming increasingly crucial. With a focus on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability, warehouse design is being reimagined to meet the contemporary demands of logistics and distribution. Read More
Prological 2024 survey

Survey reveals confidence in Australian economy

Supply chain and logistics consultancy, Prological, has released findings from its annual survey, uncovering trends and future predictions from supply chain, property and manufacturing experts across Australia and New Zealand. Read More
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Feb Promo 2024

 Feature in MHD February Industrial property and project management In our February edition, MHD will spotlight the burgeoning areas of industrial property and
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All-in-one automation

With the introduction of its MOVI-C® range SEW-EURODRIVE has taken the next step in automation technology. The efficiency and integration of the modular MOVI-C® family cuts costs and improves performance
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December 2024 Promo

Feature in MHD December: Looking Back, Looking Ahead As we draw the curtains on 2023 and usher in a brand-new year, MHD is curating a special December edition that magnifies
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