Seven actions businesses need to take now

As economies across the region start reopening, every business needs to reassess its strategy and operations to properly position for the recovery. Fortune favours the bold, and in order to get through this crisis, organisations must take decisive action. With that in mind, NetSuite conducted extensive interviews with hundreds of organisations, small and large, across all industries, over the past two months. We’ve prepared a playbook to aid business leaders in taking decisive action and optimally positioning their organisations.

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Altitude Industrial, Bankstown Airport

Altitude is the premier logistics hub in Sydney’s south western transport corridor, designed to take full advantage of its prime location integrating with major infrastructure routes including rail, sea and air freight hubs.

Comprising 162,000 square metres of best of class warehousing and office accommodation across 40-hectares, this highly sought-after industrial estate is suitable for blue chip logistics companies.. Altitude will provide an unrivalled level of amenity within the precinct including accommodation, supermarkets and food outlets.

For leasing opportunities, please contact:

Joseph Ajaka, Project Director, Altis Property Partners


M: 0416 313 728


Sam Salteri, Development Manager, Altis Property Partners.


M: 0475 755 001

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Flexible, cost-effective and safe storage designs

A successful warehouse operation is driven by an effectively designed storage solution, focused on delivering efficiency and high levels of performance. When designing a customised storage solution, a detailed analysis of all areas of operation must be conducted, including safety, process flow, storage use, automation opportunities and industry benchmarking to best optimise your investment.

APC is an engineering company and Australian Storage Equipment Manufacturer, committed to delivering solutions with the most ‘fit for purpose’, flexible, cost-effective and safe designs. This capability statement covers all the core competencies and capabilities of APC, discussing the benefits they can provide your businesses warehouse operations.

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Unifying financials and inventory

We have all heard the phrase “cash is king.” It is the mantra most companies live by. It is also why purchasing an application to manage money is usually the first business software investment companies make.

As a starter, an accounting package is a logical and economical choice. At a high level, it provides the basic functionality any business needs in a financial management system: enabling the management of a company’s chart of accounts, along with a systematic method of managing its relationships with vendors and customers through accounts payable and accounts receivable respectively. Providing this core functionality at a reasonable price point has made the choice of cost-effective accounting systems a norm across many industries.

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Capture OnTheGo, a highly customisable data capturing solution

Capture OnTheGo is a mobile solution that transforms paper forms, into digital forms. Allowing remote workers to capture real-time data in the field. It helps organisations improve the speed of communications, automatically triggers processes, and reduces scanning, manual paper processing, errors and lost documents.

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