Flexible, cost-effective and safe storage designs

A successful warehouse operation is driven by an effectively designed storage solution, focused on delivering efficiency and high levels of performance. When designing a customised storage solution, a detailed analysis of all areas of operation must be conducted, including safety, process flow, storage use, automation opportunities and industry benchmarking to best optimise your investment.

APC is an engineering company and Australian Storage Equipment Manufacturer, committed to delivering solutions with the most ‘fit for purpose’, flexible, cost-effective and safe designs. This capability statement covers all the core competencies and capabilities of APC, discussing the benefits they can provide your businesses warehouse operations.

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Unifying financials and inventory

We have all heard the phrase “cash is king.” It is the mantra most companies live by. It is also why purchasing an application to manage money is usually the first business software investment companies make.

As a starter, an accounting package is a logical and economical choice. At a high level, it provides the basic functionality any business needs in a financial management system: enabling the management of a company’s chart of accounts, along with a systematic method of managing its relationships with vendors and customers through accounts payable and accounts receivable respectively. Providing this core functionality at a reasonable price point has made the choice of cost-effective accounting systems a norm across many industries.

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Capture OnTheGo, a highly customisable data capturing solution

Capture OnTheGo is a mobile solution that transforms paper forms, into digital forms. Allowing remote workers to capture real-time data in the field. It helps organisations improve the speed of communications, automatically triggers processes, and reduces scanning, manual paper processing, errors and lost documents.

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Industry 4.0: Industrial internet of things (IIoT) and Predictive Analytics

The industrial world is on the verge of entering the next revolution: Industry 4.0. This is going to
change control systems architecture, systems connectivity and sensors as we know it today.

This paper discusses Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things and predictive analytics in detail with recommendations on how businesses can improve their operations by adopting future forward smart solutions.

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Workforce management in the new normal

Managing your workforce today is decidedly different than just a few years ago. Natural disasters, tariffs and trade wars, pandemics, geopolitical shifts and other natural and man-made events cause wild surges and troughs of demand for goods and workers. The migration to digital-native workforces and the gig economy also mean that the workforce itself has changed. And the technology available to manage the workforce is considerably more powerful, dynamic, flexible and capable, as well. This is the New Normal! And here is how you adapt.

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How supply chains can save the world

Growing concerns about climate change, resource consumption, waste, clean water and other sustainability issues have brought the global community together to define a shared set of sustainability development goals, as well as a plan for the next decade called 2030Vision. One enabler of achieving these worldwide goals is digital and e-governance, including the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to measure environmental and social impacts, automatically make responsible corrections, and optimize operations for sustainability. Though the sustainability challenge grows more complex every day, these technologies can help businesses to operate responsibly and profitably via reduced waste, more efficient production, smarter transportation strategies, reduced resource consumption and other stewardship practices.

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