AI is revolutionising the supply chain industry by enabling advanced data analysis. Image: Adobe Stock/UniqueVision.

Analysing key warehouse automation trends

Argon & Co’s Jeffrey Triantafilo writes in this op-ed for MHD about analysing key warehouse automation trends such as digital transformation and technology, artificial intelligence and robotics. Read More
Fluent Cargo’s approach to central routing provides customers with an easy, carrier agnostic solution regardless of mode. Image: Fluent Cargo.

Fluent Cargo announces global team expansion

Fluent Cargo, a fast-growing and cutting-edge cargo routing solutions provider, is thrilled to announce its revamped executive team, poised to drive the company’s commitment to excellence and growth in logistics routing software. Read More
The MIT Sloan School of Management is conducting a comprehensive survey into fulfilment centre environments. Image: Tada Images /

Revolutionising warehouse wellbeing with Prological

Warehouses are evolving beyond their traditional roles, now focusing on employee wellbeing, operational efficiency, and resource utilisation. Peter Jones of Prological delves into how modern warehouse design prioritises these elements, reshaping the industry’s future. Read More
Single sourcing is the custom of appointing only one supplier for the provision of a good or service when others are available in the market. Image: Shutterstock/ESB Professional.

Navigating single sourcing

Argon & Co’s principal consultant, Andrea Carnino, writes in this op-ed for MHD about navigating single sourcing, understanding power, pitfalls, risks, and strategies for mitigation. Read More
Operation Forager

NHVR reveals Operation Forager outcomes

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has announced the successful conclusion of Operation Forager, a four-week initiative dedicated to combating heavy vehicle driver fatigue during the holiday season. Read More