C.H. Robinson Fortune magazine

C.H. Robinson named to Fortune magazine’s 2024 innovative companies list

In a significant recognition of its innovation and industry leadership, global logistics giant C.H. Robinson has secured a place on Fortune magazine’s prestigious 2024 list of America’s Most Innovative Companies. This list, a collaboration between Fortune and Statista, highlights 200 companies leading in innovation across various sectors. C.H. Robinson distinguished itself as one of only three companies in its sector to be acknowledged, showcasing its exceptional culture of innovation and collaboration. Read More
Port sustainability

Cybersecurity challenge for Australian ports

Container terminal operator DP World recently navigated a cybersecurity incident that occurred between November 10th and 13th. Thanks to the prompt and effective measures taken, normal operations are being restored. The backlog – which was approximately 30,000 containers mid-November – is being effectively managed and reduced. Project44 shares insights. Read More
lithium forklifts safety

Are lithium-ion forklifts really safe?

Safety is paramount in any workplace, especially in an environment bustling with heavy machinery. With the rise of lithium-ion forklifts, questions around their safety compared to traditional lead acid batteries have emerged. We discussed these concerns with Allan Spackman and Greg Wood from Linde Material Handling Australia.
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circular supply chain

What is a circular supply chain?

With the world facing environmental challenges, a shift from traditional linear supply chains to circular ones is becoming not just a trend but a necessity. Brendan O’Keeffe, Founder & CEO of Circular Supply Chain Advisory, explains circular supply chain, why it matters, and how the CSC Advisory team can help. Read More