Shippit brings Australian logistics veteran on board

Online logistics management platform Shippit has appointed Dominic Culbert as its Head of Logistics.
Culbert joins Shippit from his most recent role as the Group Logistics and Delivery Solutions Manager at Mysale Group, where he oversaw the implementation and setup of OzSale’s international and domestic delivery network, comprising of over 65 shipping lanes across 10 countries.
Prior to this, he was Head of Distribution at BCP Marketing Services and developed supply chain solutions for Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Palm, and Apple.
With over 18 years of experience in ecommerce logistics, Culbert will be responsible for driving the Shippit’s logistics strategy as it strengthens its position in Australia and expands into the APAC market.
“When it comes to managing the end-to-end shipping process, Shippit is doing it better than anyone else in the space, which is what attracted me to the role,” said Culbert. “I’m excited about further developing and growing their platform.
“I see numerous opportunities to drive improvement in ecommerce shipping around tracking, visibility and cost savings, particularly in the Asian markets, which are growing in leaps and bounds.
“Shippit has the ability to fill a niche in this region where customers want cost effective, seamless international solutions. For us that means expanding our offering such as adding new carriers and new capabilities to cater to the needs of global retailers.”
“Locally, a majority of companies aren’t well informed about how to optimise their shipping. A big part of our role will be educating retailers about the variety of shipping options available and then improving and broadening our service to continue to meet our customers’ needs.”
Shippit Co-founder, Will On, said the hire was a strategic part of Shippit’s vision and would help to drive its growth trajectory.
“This marks a major milestone for our business,” said On. “Dominic’s appointment is amongst a number of strategic positions we have created. He was instrumental in the global success of OzSale and his experience is second to none. We couldn’t be more fortunate to have him on board to join us in driving the vision we have set for Shippit.”

Apple software engineer joins Tesla autonomous driving project

Electric carmaker Tesla Motors has hired software engineer Chris Lattner to oversee its Autopilot self-driving program.
Autopilot is a hardware and software system already in use in Tesla vehicles. It allows self-driving in some situations, though drivers must keep their hands on the steering wheel.
In mid-2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the company’s intention to look further into autonomous truck technology. In November, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made headlines when he stated his vision of the future of the road transport industry and the role of the truck driver – he predicts that fleets of the future will be autonomous and controlled remotely by fleet managers.
Although Musk conceded that self-driving technology will not become ubiquitous until years after the technology achieves full competence, with the acquisition of Lattner, previously one of Apple’s key software engineers, the company is one step closer to that all-important competence. Until now, the Autopilot system has been guided by Jinnah Hosein, Software Chief of aerospace transport manufacturer SpaceX, but it lacked a full-time leader.

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