Komatsu launch new dual bushing undercarriage concept

Komatsu has released Dual Bushing Track for large dozer undercarriages to double track life.

The new track has been designed for high abrasion, low impact applications, and eliminate the need for pin and bush turns and associated new sprockets.

According to John Mortimer, Komatsu
Australia’s BDM for undercarriages, the first
application of dual bushing track in Australia – on a D275A-5 dozer – achieved
more than 3000 hours of operation with no issues, compared to average track life of around 1000 hours, including a pin and bush turn at 500 hours, on conventional undercarriages.

“In this application, a large sand
mining site, we actually effectively tripled the life of the undercarriage –
and it would have gone longer if the dozer had not been redeployed elsewhere,” Mortimer

“By the time the dozer finished on
the site, the track was approximately half worn, so we believe it had the
potential to run to 4000 or even 5000 hours. Seal life would have ultimately
determined the longevity of the track before the bushes went.

“In that 3000 hours, there were
absolutely no issues,” he said.

“There were no dry or hot pins, and
the system avoided three pin-and-bush turns, which would have required a week’s
downtime to take off and put back on.”

However Mortimer added that it can not be used in high impact applications such as ripping or hard rock work.

“Having said that, it is ideal for
sand, bauxite and other high-abrasion applications where you have large
stockpiles to be moved around, with no ripping,” he said.

Caterpillar launches new dozer

Cat has released the new D10T2 tracked dozer.

According to the company this new dozer builds on the existing D10T, and features refinements to its power train, automated controls, and its structure.

Cat states that it uses advanced load sensing hydraulics combined with Cat engine control “to maximise the amount of material moved for every drop of fuel burned”.

This system automatically and continuously adjusts implement hydraulic power and delivers the right levels of flow and pressure, allowing for more power available for the tracks.

Enhanced AutoShift (EAS) is also included as a new standard feature on the D10T2.

“EAS improves fuel efficiency and productivity by automatically selecting the optimal gear and engine speed combination based on power train load and desired ground speed,” Cat said

“This feature functions similarly to an automatic transmission. EAS functionality combined with the increased power in reverse enhances productivity when backing up slopes.”

New electronic systems are also now available.

Autocarry, which provides automatic blade control during the carry segment of the dozing cycle by measuring ground speed and track slip in included, with a new feature – Adaptive Load Select – enhancing Autocarry by automatically adjusting blade load based on operating conditions, such as underfoot conditions and track wear.

Similarly, the new Automatic Ripper Control monitors speed with GNSS and automatically adjusts engine speed and ripper depth to minimise track slip.

The dozers are designed with improved filtration to protect the fuel system, hydraulic system, and power train oil system to cut downtimes.

The manufacturer has refined its structure by redesigning its track roller frames, as well as providing improved access and egress features to enhance safety.

It has developed two variations of the D10T2, one with a Cat C27 engine with ACERT, and the other with a US EPA Tier IV Final certified engine.

Both variations have a net power of 447kW in forward gears and 538kW in reverse.

Cat added that the new model “has about 20 per cent more power in reverse compared to its predecessor model. This results in faster cycle times and greater productivity in certain applications”.

It has an operating weight of 70 tonnes, and a semi-universal blade capacity 18 cubic metres and a universal blade capacity of 22 cubic metres.

Cat launch new wheel dozer

Caterpillar has launched its new 834K wheel dozer.

It’s an updated version of the Cat 834 stable, that has been operating on sites for nearly half a century.

The 834K comes with a completely new cab design, drive train refinement, new monitoring and diagnostic features, more safety features, and additional structural enhancements.

Powered by a 370 kW Cat C18 engine, which comes in a Tier 4 Final version, Tier 3 equivalent, and Tier 2 version, the engine uses an actuated, electronic unit-injection system for precise control of fuel delivery and greater performance.

It has a top speed of 35km/h.

It has a number of fuel saving enhancements built-in, such as engine-idle-shutdown and engine-idle kick-down systems, as well as delayed engine shutdown systems to protect the machine from hot shutdowns.

An on-demand hydraulically driven cooling fan also reduces horsepower draw for greater efficiency.

A Cat 4F/3R planetary power-shift transmission is used, and features an Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Shifting system for greater vehicle momentum through shift points.

A forced flow oil lubricates and cools the transmission high-torque clutches for longer component life.

For increased control, Cat have included a clutch torque convertors that allows the operator to adjust rimpull from 100% to 25% to match hydraulic effort and rimpull accordingly.

This aids in reducing tyre wear as well.

The 834K’s cab has been completely redesigned, with automatic temperature control, touch-screen displays, electro/hydraulic parking brakes, and comfortable seats with integrated controls.

Noise levels have also been reduces to 71dB.

The wheel dozer has retained its massive full-box-section rare frame which resists torsional shock, while heavy duty steering cylinder mounts are included to transfer and dissipate steering loadings into the frame.

Available blade types include straight, universal, semi-universal and coal, ranging in capacity from 7.9 to 22.2 metres cubed.

The blade mounting push beams have a ‘through-width’ design, as opposed to simply being attached to the side of the frame, which dissipates the stress of blade corner loading into the frame.

It also has a redesigned rear axle trunnion, which is now wider and bolted directly to the frame rails.

This eliminates the previously used intermediate casting and allows loads to be more effectively dispersed.

Its lower articulation point has also been strengthened, with an increase in front frame thickness and an increase in pin diameter.

Safety has also been a focus in the latest iteration of the 834 wheel dozer.

The new model features standard rearview cameras, repositioned access ladders, full permitter railings, and ground level panels that house stairway light switches, engine shut-down switches, and lockouts.

Service points are accessibly from ground level or from its large, skid resistant platforms.

Swing-out doors on both sides of the engine give ready access to daily maintenance items, and ecology fluid drains facilitate service and protect the environment.

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