eLogistics needs more space

eStore Logistics, said to be Australia’s largest e-commerce distribution company, has made a significant move to boost its services to retailers by committing to a 12,515m2 warehouse at Marsden Park, NSW with LOGOS Property.
This new facility will complement its current Australian footprint, which is in excess of 50,000m2, and significantly increase eStore Logistics’ order servicing capabilities to serve more clients. Its current clients include Kogan.com, Temple and Webster, Hairhouse Warehouse, Patagonia, Dick Smith and Essendon Football Club.
“This expansion highlights our rapid growth, driven by our proprietary IT and omni-channel fulfilment service and solutions,” said managing director of eStore Logistics Leigh Williams.
“Our new facility in Marsden Park will feature world-leading logistics systems that support robust e-commerce fulfilment processes. We have complex algorithms that minimise manual handling and human decision making while maximising accuracy. We’re excited to be expanding our business and making our services available to more online retailers and enabling them to get orders to their customers super-fast at low cost”, added Mr Williams.
Extensive time was spent in the design phase to optimise the operational layout.
“We worked with eStore Logistics to design a facility that maximised storage density, but also allowed for approximately 30 per cent of the warehouse footprint to be allocated for product staging and returns. It is pivotal that sufficient footprint is designated to product staging and returns, as it is an inherent challenge in the e-commerce landscape,” said director of TM Insight Travis Erridge.
“Despite the allowance for a significant percentage of floor area being allocated to product staging and returns, the design enabled eStore Logistics to achieve 1.5 pallets per 1 m2 of floor area, well above the ratio that most 3PL adopt in their operations,” he added.
With local online retail sales accounting for 7.5% of total retail spending, there is still enormous upside yet to come from the e-commerce sector in Australia.  When compared to China (21%) and the UK (19%), most experts are expecting the local e-commerce sector to more than double in the next few years, creating a huge opportunity for businesses like eStore Logistics to further leverage their platform.
The facility will be operational in November 2018 and will have an end value of approximately $25 million.

Manhattan Associates wins logistics innovation award

Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) has won the Logistical Innovation award at the 2017 Australian Business Awards.
“This recognition reflects both our 27 years of focus and investment in supply-chain and omni-channel commerce innovation and how our solutions are enabling Australian organisations to respond to their customers’ rapidly changing needs,” said Raghav Sibal, Managing Director – Australia and New Zealand, Manhattan Associates.
“The expectations of today’s consumers are soaring and they want their goods delivered faster and more conveniently. With our WMS and complementary solutions, such as Distributed Order Management, retailers, manufacturing brands, wholesalers and distributors are equipping themselves with flexible fulfilment capabilities. By enabling them to work their whole network harder – leveraging inventory in transit, within stores, at suppliers, as well as in distribution centres – they can fulfil orders quicker and more profitably.”
Manhattan Associations supports Country Road Group, Casella Family Brands, eStore Logistics and Jeanswest, among others.
“Today, companies are facing a highly competitive and continuously changing business landscape,” said Tara Johnston, Program Director, Australian Business Awards. “In this context, the performance of companies depends more than ever on their flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness.
“New technological possibilities have the potential to transform the way companies operate within their respective industries with long-term gains in efficiency, productivity and customer loyalty. Each year, the ABA100 Winners are recognised for their commitment to business and product innovation and for their achievements in transforming business practices and end user experiences.”
The Australian Business Award for Logistical Innovation recognises products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs in the fields of logistics and supply chain management.

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