Australians tour German Terex factory for insights into manufacturing

Leading representatives of companies from Australia’s Newcastle region and from the University of Newcastle recently visited Terex Material Handling at its production location in Wetter, Germany. Newcastle is a coal mining and manufacturing region 160km north of Sydney.

The high-ranking Australian business delegation gathered detailed information about successful German business models, gaining insights into the predominant conditions influencing Germany as a business location and, at the same time, learning about best practice examples from production.

Terex Corporation is one of the world’s leading suppliers of crane technology with Demag industrial cranes and crane components.

Dr Lars Brzoska, Vice President & Managing Director of Terex Material Handling underlined the importance of ‘Safety first’ in his presentation of the company and the Demag product world.

He explained that with the incorporation of the Material Handling business group into the Terex Corporation, the theme of product safety and occupational health and safety has gained further weight and is now even more firmly anchored in their corporate philosophy.

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