IA endorses corridor protection imperative

Infrastructure Australia (IA) has released a policy paper on the importance of land preservation for future infrastructure needs, Corridor Protection: Planning and investing for the long term.
The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) welcomed the paper, noting that it “powerfully demonstrates the importance of corridor protection in preventing cost blowouts, project delays and community disruption on infrastructure projects.”
“[The] ALC has consistently worked to highlight the necessity of corridor preservation as part of a consistent and coherent approach to developing Australia’s national freight infrastructure,” said Michael Kilgariff, Managing Director, ALC.
“Good planning leads to good infrastructure outcomes for the community,” he added. “Preserving corridors to accommodate the infrastructure needed to meet our future freight task lies at the heart of responsible planning policy.
“This new policy paper from IA adds to the weight of evidence demonstrating just how vital corridor preservation is. Making the right decisions today not only helps to reduce the cost of infrastructure projects in the future, but also avoids community conflict and social dislocation by providing certainty as to land use.”
Kilgariff noted that corridor protection was a core theme during a recent ALC workshop held in Brisbane, due to the need to preserve a corridor that will permit an alternative dedicated freight rail connection from the Inland Rail route through to the Port of Brisbane.
“It is pleasing to note IA’s policy paper highlights this very project as one that would substantially benefit from taking immediate action on the matter,” he added. “IA estimates potential savings of $66 million could be achieved if governments act quickly to protect this freight corridor.
“Of course it is equally important to preserve land and corridors in Melbourne, to permit development of an interstate freight terminal that will enable a port-to-port connection for Inland Rail.”

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