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WABCO demonstrates leading safety tech at Tata's Truck Racing Championship

WABCO, a leading global supplier of technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, will demonstrate the high performance of its industry-leading technologies on the race track.
For the thid year in a row, WABCO will serve as the Braking Technology Partner for Tata Motors’ T1 PRIMA Racing Championship 2016 at the Buddh International Formula 1 Circuit in Greater Noida, India.
WABCO will again provide all competing race teams and their twelve, state-of-the-art Tata Motors’ PRIMA Model 4038.S trucks with a range of innovative safety and efficiency technologies. The 2016 Championship features race trucks that are lighter, accelerate faster, and reach a higher top speed of 130 kilometres per hour (more than 80 miles per hour) compared to last year’s event.
Tata Motors equips its PRIMA race trucks as well as production trucks with WABCO’s industry-leading braking systems to optimize the vehicles’ safety and stability performance on the race track -and on India’s roads in everyday traffic. In October 2015, the Indian government mandated medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles to be equipped with Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS).
“We are thrilled to demonstrate industry-leading safety and efficiency technologies at Tata Motors’ world-class truck racing Championship,” said Mr Jacques Esculier, WABCO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
“We are honored that Tata Motors, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles, equips its PRIMA trucks and other state-of-the-art vehicles with WABCO products and systems.”
“As India continues to upgrade the safety and efficiency technologies on trucks and buses, WABCO is there to support OEMS and fleet operatos with industry-leading technologies and technical services,” said Mr P Kaniappan, Vice President, WABCO India.
“Furthermore we are proud to serve commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators in India through WABCO’s local product development, advanced engineering and world-class manufacturing capabilities.”

WABCO INDIA Renews Commitment to Tata Motors’ T1 PRIMA Truck Racing Championship for Third Year in a Row

WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC), a leading global supplier of technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, announced today that it has renewed its commitment to Tata Motors’ T1 PRIMA Truck Racing Championship in 2016 for the third year in a row. 

WABCO will continue to serve as the official Braking Technology Partner to India’s premier truck racing event, introduced in 2014.

Tata Motors will host Season 3 of its Championship on March 20, 2016 at the internationally renowned Buddh International Formula 1 Circuit in Greater Noida, India.

For the first time in its history, the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship will feature two races called “Super Class” specifically with drivers from India to help promote the profession of truck driving in the country.

In addition, the racing event will continue to showcase experienced international drivers as part of two “Pro Class” races representing six teams and twelve of Tata Motors’ state-of-the-art PRIMA Model 4038.S trucks.

As in previous years, WABCO will provide all competing trucks with a range of innovative products drawn from its portfolio of industry-leading safety and efficiency technologies, including WABCO’s high-performance air management system and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) in addition to high-output, modular compressor technology, advanced air actuation systems, Integrated Pedal Unit (IPU) and other braking components.  

“Over the past 50 years WABCO has provided industry-leading safety and efficiency technologies to Tata Motors, India’s market leader in commercial vehicles,” said Mr. P. Kaniappan, Vice President, WABCO INDIA.

“We joined Tata Motors from Day 1 when the company launched India’s premier truck racing event. Today, WABCO continues to proudly serve as the Championship’s official Braking Technology Partner. We are excited to demonstrate the high performance of our products in one of the most challenging operating environments for heavy duty trucks – on the race track.”

“WABCO has been a trusted partner to Tata Motors for decades,” said Mr. Ravi Pisharody, Executive Director, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors Limited.

 “We greatly value WABCO’s world-class engineering capabilities and advanced technologies that help to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of Tata trucks on both the race track and on roads across India.”

WABCO was the first company to introduce ABS to the global commercial vehicles industry with more than 17 million systems sold worldwide to-date.

ABS significantly improves the stability and steerability of commercial vehicles even in the most extreme of braking conditions.

WABCO ABS ensures balanced braking and reduces stopping distance of commercial vehicles, which is a paramount safety factor in both race and everyday traffic environments.

In addition, WABCO’s innovative high-output compressor technologies and air processing systems improve the efficiency of vehicles.

Bonfiglioli wins Bulk Handling Award for gear units supplied to Rio Tinto

High quality gear units supplied to Rio Tinto through Bellingham Engineering have won Bonfiglioli Transmission Australia the prestigious Bulk Handling Award for 2014 in the category of Excellence in the Application of Gears, Motors or Drives.

The rugged and durable Bonfiglioli A 05 2 and A 90 4 Helical Bevel Gear Units provide 1.1 and 7.5kW of power respectively to traverse hoists, which allows Rio Tinto to lift up to four pieces of rail at once, greatly increasing their operational efficiency for their Rail Capacity Enhancement Project in Karratha, Western Australia.

“This was an interesting project for us, as the gears had to be designed to withstand extreme conditions such as high heat and cyclones,” Bonfiglioli Australia managing director Malcolm Lewis said.

“It’s a pleasure to receive this award, which would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the team here at Bonfiglioli.”

Bonfiglioli, which is this year celebrating 25 years in Australia, prides itself on engineering services including those provided by its Drive Service Centre (DSC).

The DSC – operating throughout Australasia – combines local engineering skills with the global resources required to tailor larger, sophisticated and efficient drives to the needs of individual customers.

The A Series units selected for the Karratha project have a wide ratio range (with up to four reduction stages), allowing one gear unit to be used where previously two were needed, saving customers space and cost. Operating efficiencies are enhanced by high performance helical bevel gear pairs, which also give the units significant energy savings.

They are also innovatively designed for lower noise levels by locating the bevel gear pair on the second reduction stage of the gear motors. In addition to this, the monobloc universal housing offers optimum sizing and perfect gear alignment, which adds to the total noise reductions of the units.

The A series units are functionally designed with a large ratio range of up to 1700 to 1 in a single gearbox with four reduction stages. Depending which A Series unit is used, power outputs range from 0.09–55kW, with torques from 150-14,000.

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