Slow IT uptake for transport and logistics

A new survey has revealed that transport and logistics businesses are lagging in IT uptake, though the sector has ample opportunity to improve and develop.
The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) Business Use of Information Technology and Innovation in Australian Business (2015-2016) report found that 31.9 per cent of businesses in the ‘Transport, Postal and Warehousing’ sectors introduced IT innovation in the period, while 12.9 per cent continued established innovation plans.
Only 27.2 per cent of transport and logistics businesses reported that they had placed orders via the internet, while 21.6 per cent received online orders.
A fifth of the businesses surveyed reported having a social media presence, while a quarter were found to have a web presence.
For those transport and logistics companies who launched innovation processes in the period, one in five noted that the process change focused on goods and services, 16.8 per cent focused on operation processes and 15 per cent on organisation or managerial change.

New online business for procurement professionals

Procurement professionals globally now have a place to collaborate online thanks to a new online business network launching from Australia.

Ambitious procurement professionals globally will have a place to collaborate online from today thanks to a new online business network launching from Australia.

Procurious is an online hub aimed at procurement professionals looking to advance their careers, develop their skills and expand their professional networks.

Founder Tania Seary said the new online business network aims to help procurement professionals collaborate to ensure they become more collectively valued.

“Procurement has a new face. It’s now younger, more ambitious and more global than ever before.  There’s a huge opportunity for bright and ambitious procurers to begin changing the face of the profession from the inside out,” Seary said.

“Corporate supply chains are in the media spotlight every day – but procurement often remains the unsung hero for its role in creating competitive advantage and upholding the reputation and value proposition of businesses and brands.”

Seary said those working in procurement are often ahead of the curve with competitive market intelligence from their supply network and it is this advantage that helps them drive product and service innovation.

“Procurement’s future leaders are at an exciting point in their career – they need a place that empowers them as smart, savvy and creative individuals,” Seary said.

“Procurious bridges the gap between networking, thought leadership and technical information – no other online platform does all three. It’s unique to the profession.

The network will include groups and lively discussion forums, news tips and advice, access to online and offline events, plus a range of mobile and desktop accessible e-learning modules – all compatible with a full range of devices, from PCs to mobile.

The site is now live but will officially launch with all features in September.

Procurement professionals are encouraged to sign-up now to provide valuable feedback in the early stages.

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