Linfox evolves with e-commerce

Transport giant Linfox has embraced the global e-commerce boom by adding a new array of fulfilment services to its portfolio that range from storage all the way through to product repairs.
Known for taking a proactive approach on new technology and shifts in market demand, Linfox has embraced the global e-commerce boom by adding a comprehensive range of fulfilment services to its portfolio.
“The market is moving towards online retailing and omni-channel systems, which is something traditional supply chains can’t necessarily support in a cost-effective way,” John Pucek, General Manager – Operations Development at Linfox, told Logistics & Material Handling.
“That’s why transport businesses like Linfox are evolving into much more multi-faceted organisations. Our new fulfilment operation in Sydney is the latest example of that evolution.”
The Sydney facility is designed to provide comprehensive fulfilment services for e-commerce operations – ranging from basic storage, ‘pick and pack’ and dispatch services through to product customisation, kitting, reverse logistics, repairs and even order track and trace services.
“We’re also developing our own, enterprise-grade e-commerce solution for the consumer goods market,” he said.
“A company will be able to purchase a fully managed service where we provide the e-commerce platform, a management team and online store management. We even do all the content management, and it will be integrated into our fulfilment.”
The service is designed for small- to medium-sized businesses trading between $120–300 million. “Rather than having to invest in their own e-commerce platform, they can get the complete package from us,” he explained – adding that the company launched the fulfilment and e-commerce projects at a strategy level in January 2016.
“We secured our first customer, consumer electronics company Belkin, in November 2016, and then went live in April this year,” he said.
Initially, Linfox will continue to focus on the consumer electronics market, he added, and it was recently announced that the company’s second confirmed customer is audio company Sennheiser. Next up are health and beauty. “The service offering suits many industries, but they’re the two current strategic targets,” he shared.
“We want to be a real partner of consumer goods organisations and retailers,” Pucek added – highlighting the evolutionary leap Linfox has taken from its beginnings as a transport operation.
“We’re hoping to be more so a partner than a 3PL – we want to be more integrated with them to help them grow their businesses, and now we’re looking at the other channels for which they want to grow their business and how we can support them by investing in the technologies for them.”
Pucek said that as consumers and small businesses demand better choice in how and where they receive their products, the market will continue to see change and innovation when it comes to last mile delivery.
“The challenge for traditional operators will be to bend and flex with consumer demand,” said Pucek.
“Linfox is investing heavily in our systems to provide small businesses and end consumers with greater visibility throughout the fulfilment supply chain.”

WiseTech Global establishes partnership with C.T. Freight

Logistics technology company WiseTech Global has entered into a partnership initiative with C.T. Freight, an international freight forwarder with extensive coverage throughout Australia. The partnership is designed to help accelerate the creation and expansion of technological innovations in the logistics industry, including automation through digitisation, natural language processing and machine learning.
Richard White, CEO, WiseTech Global, said, “The logistics industry is under intense pressure as eCommerce pushes upward on shipment numbers and applies downward pressure on consignment size, price, and margins. eCommerce is disrupting the old world order and will force logistics providers to higher levels of automation whilst border agencies continue to raise the bar on timely, accurate, and compliant trade data.
“WiseTech Global is focused on improving productivity, quality, speed, visibility, and manageability in the logistics industry. Our development partner initiatives represent a tightly targeted commitment to further automate logistics execution processing, moving CargoWise One to ever higher levels of throughput.
“With C.T. Freight as a development partner on high volume airfreight and eCommerce automation, we will further develop our cutting-edge productivity and automations to address these issues across the logistics industry and its many segments.”
C.T. Freight has bonded warehouses at each major Australian gateway, and through the initiative the company will gain access to developments and deployments of WiseTech Global software.
“One of the most compelling features of CargoWise One, and of WiseTech Global’s philosophy, is productivity,” said Clive W. Thomas, CEO, C.T. Freight. “Eliminating rework, reducing risk and improving margins by automating entire processes frees up specialist resources who can then concentrate on adding value back into the international supply chain. In our industry, the gains achieved by minimising errors and automating processes can have a tremendous impact across all modes and geographies.”

Porsche SE acquires PTV Group

Logistics software provider Planung Transport Verkehr AG (PTV Group) has been acquired by Porsche Automobil Holding SE (Porsche SE) in a deal worth more than €300 million ($450 million).
PTV Group develops software and provides expertise for transport planning and logistics. The acquisition is part of a long-term investment strategy and Porsche SE reportedly considerable growth potential in the optimisation of the flow of people and goods.
Vincent Kobesen, CEO, PTV Group, said, “We have now found the right strategic investor for our company. This allows us to remain independent and helps us reach our ambitious goals for the upcoming years.”
Those goals includes growth in new markets – over 2,500 cities already use PTV products, including many Australian cities. On a daily basis, over one million vehicles in Australia and around the world make transport runs planned with PTV.
PTV Group’s management team will continue to manage business operations to prepare for further anticipated growth.

Robotics to be biggest supply chain disruptor

Robotics will cause the most disruption in the supply chain in the next five years, according to a study carried out by the University of Tennessee’s Knoxville’s Global Supply Chain Institute, as first reported by Modern Materials Handling.
The study looked at the anticipated impact of five technologies on the supply chain on the next five years: 3D printing, driverless vehicles, drones, robotics and wearable technology, assessing the current and potential use of these technologies as well as the benefits and barriers to using them.
“Robotics have been around for more than 50 years, but they have become dramatically more dynamic in the last five,” said Paul Dittmann, Executive Director of the Global Supply Chain Institute and the paper’s author. “They are no longer stationary, blind, expensive and unintelligent but can work alongside people and learn as jobs change.”
3D printing was deemed to be the least viable technology in the short term, though the study acknowledged that it has the potential to eliminate the supply chain completely if costs can be reduced and usable materials expanded.
“We are at a turning point in the industry where disruptive innovation is required to meet the exponentially growing customer expectations,” said Danny Halim, Vice President – Distribution and 3PL Strategies at JDA Software, one of the sponsors of the white paper.

Yusen Logistics standardises global fulfilment operations

Yusen Logistics is deploying Manhattan Associates’ warehouse and distribution management solution ‘Manhattan SCALE’ to power its expanding global logistics services operation.
The solution being implemented on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform is reportedly driving revenue, profitability and efficiency improvements for Yusen Logistics and its customers and will support Yusen Logistics’ ongoing business growth across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Americas regions.
Yusen Logistics offers air, sea and road freight services and made the decision to standardise on a single warehouse management solution (WMS) to be deployed globally and provide consistency of service levels.
“We chose Manhattan SCALE as our strategic fulfilment solution based on a number of factors including functionality, extensibility, ease and speed of implementation, global support capability and total cost of solution ownership,” said Tony Gudger, CIO, Yusen Logistics Europe. “Our long-term partnership with Manhattan, which stretches back 14 years and has involved multiple deployments of its various WMS technologies across the globe, also counted significantly in our selection process.”
During the initial implementations in Southern Europe, Yusen Logistics reported zero issues relating to either Azure or Manhattan SCALE. The company plans to use Manhattan SCALE for the full gamut of local and global customer order fulfilment operations, spanning relatively small, single site distribution hubs to multi-site, multi-channel, high volume throughput supply networks.
Henri Seroux, Senior Vice President – EMEA, Manhattan Associates, said, “Yusen Logistics’ customers across the globe are increasingly pressured to fulfil orders profitably across multiple sales channels and geographies while simultaneously maximising product availability and customer satisfaction. We are excited to provide the technology, services and support capabilities to drive the next phase of Yusen Logistics’ global success story.”

Toyota Industries acquires Vanderlande

Toyota Industries Corporation has acquired logistic process automation manufacturer Vanderlande Industries Holding
Founded in 1949, Vanderlande develops material handling systems for the retail and parcel handling industries, passenger baggage handling systems for airports. Vanderlande and a line-up of sorters, conveyors, and other materials handling equipment and software and automated equipment for warehouses.
Vanderlande has 50 sites around the world and approximately 4,500 employees.
Toyota paid approximately 140 billion yen ($1.6 billion) to obtain 100 per cent of the company’s shares and the transaction is expected to complete in Q1 2018.
Toyota said in a statement, “Today’s announcement of the acquisition of Vanderlande enables Toyota Industries to expand its range of materials handling equipment and systems globally beyond lift trucks, which will serve as an important first step for expansion of the materials handling solutions business and make a significant contribution to raising the Toyota Industries Group’s presence over the world.”

Sydney-based WiseTech Global acquires Italian business

Sydney-based logistics software specialist WiseTech Global has announced the acquisition of Italian software provider ACO Informatica.
According to WiseTech Global, ACO Informatica will remain under the joint-leadership of Managing Director, Raffaele Uria, and General Manager, Bruno Soldati, with the company to be integrated within the WiseTech Global group. It’s the second time in 2017 the company has acquired a European business, after taking over German software company znet group in January.
“We know the ACO team well, both for their innovative customs clearance solutions for Italy and as a WisePartner for CargoWise One,” said Richard White, WiseTech Global CEO. “Now with the team as part of our WiseTech Global family we will work together on delivering more powerful capabilities for customers in the future.”
In addition, ACO will continue to supply products in Italy including U-by-Cargo, Logimatica and Acciseweb along with WiseTech’s powerful global logistics execution platform, CargoWise One.
“At ACO, we have a strong track record of delivering value-adding logistics solutions for our customers,” commented ACO Managing Director, Raffaele Uria. “We are delighted to join the WiseTech Group and together we will focus on providing high productivity customs border clearance and logistics execution software to the Italian and broader European markets.”
Across 125 countries, CargoWise One enables logistics service providers to execute highly complex transactions in areas such as freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, shipping, land transport and cross border compliance and to manage their operations on one database across multiple users, functions, countries, languages and currencies.
Headquartered in Milan, ACO Informatica provides customs and logistics solutions to over 200 customers including DHL, Italsempione, Saima Avandero DSV, SNATT Logistica and Traconf.

WiseTech Global acquires German customs solution provider, znet

WiseTech Global, a logistics software group founded in Sydney with offices in Australia, China, New Zealands, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States, has recently acquired znet group, a provider of customs solutions across Germany.
Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Wiesbaden, znet provides automated customs solutions to over 500 customers including Abbott, Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey, Nippon Express and UPS.
“WiseTech and znet possess a shared commitment to provision of high productivity logistics execution solutions to the German-speaking and broader European markets.” said WiseTech Global CEO, Richard White. “We welcome the znet team to the WiseTech Global family and will work together to deliver even better solutions for customers.”
znet CEO Werner Tholl added, “At znet, we have a long track-record of innovation, having worked extensively on the development of automated customs system with ATLAS connection and pioneered mobile customs handling in Germany. Now as part of the WiseTech Global group we will be able to accelerate our innovation and provide more powerful and extensive capabilities for customers.”
Remaining under the leadership of CEO and former customs officer Tholl, znet operations will be integrated within the WiseTech group. znet will continue to deliver its zara, zafir and zecur products in Germany and all customers will be able to access WiseTech’s CargoWise One global logistics execution platform.

Warehouse management system market – worth $4.2 bn by 2022

The warehouse management system (WMS) market size will reach US$3,112 million ($4.2 billion) by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 15.2% from 2016 to 2022, according to a new report published by Allied Market Research. The growth is expected to come as a result of the increase in inventory and workload of WMS in warehouse operations, and Europe is expected to be the largest market during the forecast period.
The report, ‘Global Warehouse Management System Market by Component Type, Industry Vertical, and Geography—Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecasts, 2014–2022’, found that among the various industry verticals, transportation & logistics is projected to dominate the market, however pharmaceuticals industry is expected to have the fastest growth rate.
“The European market is most productive as compared to others with diverse industry verticals implementing WMS at a greater extent. Furthermore, it is projected to generate the highest market revenue over the forecast period with predominant deployments in the transportation & logistics industry” said Seapee Bajaj, Lead Analyst, Construction & Manufacturing at AMR.
Asia-Pacific is estimated to grow fastest due to increase in the adoption of WMS services and extensive growth in Japan, China, Australia, and India.

Ideagen’s Q-Pulse plays pivotal role in Terex Trucks’ achieving industry first accreditation to ISO 9001:2015

Ideagen’s market leading quality and safety management software, Q-Pulse, has helped Terex Trucks become the first organisation in its industry – and one of the first globally – to achieve accreditation to the latest ISO 9001 quality standard.

Terex Trucks, a manufacturer of rigid and articulated trucks, worked closely with software company Ideagen for several years to adapt its Q-Pulse quality management product, helping Terex Trucks achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Through Q-Pulse, Terex Trucks can transfer live data to manage risk more effectively, making the process more efficient and dynamic as errors can be picked up and fixed in a timely manner.

The new quality management system took Terex Trucks four years to successfully implement, which involved rewriting the company’s management strategy to achieve certification.

Martin Dolan, Terex Trucks’ Quality Manager who oversaw the entire project, said: “ISO 9001 is the world’s most popular management system standard. Being one of the first companies, and the first in our industry with Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd (LRQA) to attain certification, is testament to the extensive investment we’ve made in quality improvements, people and facilities.

“Our aim was to improve product, process and service quality, increase customer satisfaction levels and improve productivity, therefore reducing costs. Gaining this certification will also provide us with a competitive advantage in situations or industries where it is not a contractual obligation or expectation. Our performance statistics confirm that we have successfully delivered on this aim and we will continue to build on this in the future through the deployment of our quality management system.”

ISO 9001:2015 is a certified quality management system for organisations looking to achieve consistency in the development and provision of their products and services to customers and stakeholders. Approved by the LRQA, the latest edition of ISO’s flagship quality standard has been revised to meet the requirements of today’s modern dynamic and globally connected world.

Martin continued: “Successfully transitioning to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard is a huge achievement for all involved and will help to position Terex Trucks as leaders in our field for quality.

“We are extremely proud of the trucks we produce. The new quality management system has changed the ethos of the whole business with all employees now having a better understanding of our customers’ requirements. It has been great for staff morale and is helping us develop as a world class business.”

David Hornsby, Ideagen’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We take immense pride in helping our customers on their way to operational excellence, providing them with outstanding expertise and software products such as Q-Pulse.

“Over the years we have built up an outstanding working relationship with Terex Trucks and, in doing so, have helped them become the first in their industry to achieve certification to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. This is an outstanding achievement, not just for Terex Trucks, but for Ideagen and our Q-Pulse software product.”

David added: “It is extremely pleasing to be working with such an established organisation and it gives us great satisfaction that both our expertise and our software has helped them achieve this fantastic milestone.”

Terex Trucks is also expected to achieve certification to ISO 14001:2015 this year. The organisation is currently working towards certification to the standard, which will allow it to manage environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner.

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