Revolutionising online shopping for modern customers

The Internet has revolutionised the way people purchase goods.

However, when it comes to the collection of these items, customers are often left feeling frustrated and disappointed. The lack of alternative and convenient delivery options, as well as the challenges of returns and services can tarnish a customer’s online shopping experience. Until now.

Pioneered by TZ, the A.D.A.M. Parcel Locker Network is the first fully automated end-to-end parcel locker network offering of its kind in Australia.

Designed to cater to time-poor, budget-conscious modern lifestyles, these interactive lockers give customers a convenient, secure and cost effective way to collect their online orders.

Through partnerships with select e-merchants, e-commerce service providers and courier and logistics players, the TZ A.D.A.M. Parcel Locker Network will allow customers to have their parcels delivered to a convenient locker location of their choice. Customers are notified by email or SMS when their package is ready for collection and to guarantee convenience, the lockers are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TZ approached Dexion in 2012 in search of a supply partner with specialist capabilities in manufacturing high volume metal systems. To ensure the effective development of new parcel locker infrastructure, it was essential that the lockers be of a high quality, extremely durable and capable of storing parcel items safely and securely.

In designing the lockers with TZ, Dexion understood that customer confidence is paramount. The lockers therefore incorporate both internal and external elements that are robust, safe and weather resistant. In addition, the lockers can be configured to suit any space and are available in a range of sizes, ensuring complete versatility.

As the demand for parcel delivery services continues to grow in tandem with e-commerce, some of Australia’s well known retailers are starting to tap into the services provided by TZ and its partners.

According to Dexion’s national sales manager, Michael Cumner, parcel lockers offer Australian shoppers true flexibility. With six installations already completed at shopping centres, commercial office towers and service stations around the country, and another eighteen being installed soon, Cumner believes that interactive lockers are the way of the future.

“Whether servicing corporate, residential or community environments, parcel lockers provide a seamless end-to-end solution for the changing lifestyles of modern consumers. Shoppers want to know that they can access their goods when and where it suits them. It’s very exciting to be part of a network that’s shaping the future of online shopping,” Cumner said.

“The demand for interactive lockers is growing at a rapid rate, both locally and internationally. We are also supporting TZ with its smart parcel locker solutions for Singapore Post, Poste Italiane and Post Indonesia. We see the potential for a significant number of new locker projects over the next twelve months.”

Dexion is also working closely with TZ to support the rollout of A.D.A.M. parcel lockers to new locker locations across the east coast of Australia.

The A.D.A.M. Parcel Locker network is unique in that it benefits all stakeholders. Online retailers are able to enhance their customers’ experience with new delivery services; property partners enjoy increased foot traffic and the potential to leverage exposure through kiosk advertising; and finally, consumers have complete flexibility to choose where and when they collect their parcels, as well as how they return goods and access new services.

SCLAA commences energy saving workshops

The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia is rolling out its Energy Efficiency workshops at aimed helping SMEs reduce their energy costs.

The free workshops will be held in 22 regional and rural areas over the next seven months and will provide companies who store and transport goods the information they need become more efficient.

“This will enable them to lower their cost of doing business and improve their competitive advantage,” the SCLAA said.

To assist SMEs most workshops will start at 7.30am and conclude by 10.30am and will also be available by webinar. 

The SCLAA is also creating an online interactive tool which will provide businesses with a four-step guide on ow to identify and implement energy saving opportunities.

The resource, which will be available by the end of February, features an energy saving calculator that covers transport, warehouse, cool rooms / freezers and materials handling aspects of businesses.

Companies will also be able to download fact sheets, how to guides, case studies, examples of suppliers and details on grants available to SME’s.

To register for a workshop or webinar, please go to the SCLAA website and click on the GREEN icon or go to the following link

2013 Mercury Awards Finalists: Warehousing and/or Storage Solutions

Finalists for the 2013 Mercury Awards in the  Warehousing and/or Storage Solutions category, sponsored by Schaefer Systems are:

Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates is a leading global supply chain optimisation provider.

The company has been nominated for implementing a warehouse solution that allows Super Retail Group to have full visibility of inventory; scalability to allow for increase SKU’s and product lines; and a solution that could seamlessly integrate into existing legacy IT systems. 

The challenge for Super Retail Group was to create a new distribution strategy incorporating a series of internal multi-user distribution centres so that inventory from all eight business units could be managed across each distribution centre.

This particular challenge arose when SRG acquired several additional brands such as Rebel and Amart Sports, which rapidly increased the company’s product mix, creating increased complexity across its SKUs.

Manhattan SCOPE has provided SRG with full visibility of inventory levels across all eight of its brands. By having this visibility, SRG can plan and forecast inventory levels to ensure they have enough stock on hand to satisfy customers’ needs in store. In addition, many of SRGs brands now have online portals, allowing customers to place orders online. By introducing Manhattan SCOPE and creating a series of internal multi-user distribution centres, SRG has a better understanding of exactly what products they have on hand, where the products are located and how long it will take to ship to the customer.


SolidPlus hold exclusive distribution rights for many tyre brands, with operations and distribution centres in every Australian state.

SolidPlus is cementing itself in the industrial/forklift tyre service industry through technical innovation in its warehousing and storage solutions.

The company has implemented a raft of technological solutions that ensures its customers warehouse and storage solutions are made easier.

New key digital features that are part of this solution include tailor-made IT programs for each individual customer, online fleet monitoring, online ordering and the recording of KPIs for each job.

All SolidPlus forklift tyre service trucks across Australia are fitted with GPS navigators and tracking devices so customers are kept in the loop regarding arrival times. Customers are also receiving accurate real-time invoices direct to specific accounting staff and detailed records are kept so customers can manage much of their account online.

The company says the success of the initiative has filtered down from the corporate decision makers who save valuable time and money to the busy press operator getting his hands dirty, ensuring the forklift driver is a happy end user.

Ross Grassick from Lencrow Group, a leading material handling company, said SolidPlus had helped improved his company’s cashflow.

“SolidPlus billing is instantaneous; we get real-time costing and invoice our customers momentarily. The difference to our cash flow is now 20-30 per cent better.”

Polar Fresh Cold Chain Services

Polar Fresh Cold Chain Services, Parkinson Chilled Distribution Centre (CDC) operates as a third party logistics provider; providing dedicated storage and service to a major national supermarket chain.

In October 2012, Polar Fresh Parkinson went live with the implementation of fresh produce to the site.  This resulted in significant change to the operation of the business; with it not only requiring double the amount of team members and almost double the amount of volume being moved through the site.

The implementation of produce into the Parkinson site has resulted in significantly reduced costs for their customer; with a dramatic reduction in the cost-per-carton.  The process of moving produce in-to-store is also more controlled through the Polar Fresh site; resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings for both Polar Fresh and its customer.  The systems being utilised by Polar Fresh allow for more control over produce.  The system allows for greater traceability; meaning that at any one time, Polar Fresh can determine where product is and provide accurate information to suppliers, internal stakeholders, its customer and the stores.  Since the implementation there is better management of date codes of product; resulting in more frequent turnover of stock through the distribution centre and less product going to waste through going out-of-date whist waiting for delivery. Stores are also receiving more frequently deliveries, again resulting in higher quality products being supplied. 

The dedicated facility now employs over 650 Team Members and supplies all confectionary, milk, poultry, meat, dairy, chilled, frozen and fresh produce products to over 200 stores throughout Queensland and New South Wales. 

With over 1.3 million cartons despatched per week, Polar Fresh Parkinson CDC is a 24 hour a day, 7 days per week site and the largest site (chilled or otherwise) in its customers network.

Efficient supply chain solutions

While many companies strive to make the most efficient gains through available channels of outsourced supply chain management and logistics, it is an interesting point to note that many tend to overlook their own premises and perhaps are operating with a low level of internal handling efficiency.

It is vital a materials handling system is completely integrated to maintain product flow, and companies should use their contract transport services as a de facto warehousing component.

Smart operators are the companies that have studied the logistics market and have seen positives in utilising transport and freight services to eliminate costly warehousing and quicken truck turnaround times.

Key to this becoming a widespread reality is knowing exactly how to best set up loading and unloading systems to work in synchronicity with transport company services.

Until recently, operations managers have been content to receive stock through an incoming goods dock, store it temporarily while organising transport to its client, and then eventually send it again on another truck.

This has been occurring in virtually every industry including perishables, food and beverage, engineering, mining supply, agricultural and rural, primary industry, retail and consumer, and almost any other industry of which one can think.

But with an optimised materials handling system put in place, smart companies, instead of storing stock on the premises for an indefinite period, rarely have to see their goods.

Instead, they use a clever materials transfer system on their site that instantly moves goods from incoming to outgoing without storage, or they have equipped their transport carrier with appropriate systems to load and unload palletised or non-palletise product and transport it directly to their clients without warehousing.

Firstly, with floor charges per metre continually rising, the elimination of reliance on warehousing is an automatic, and enormous, cost saving.

Reduction in multi handling of stock also reduces time and operating costs and ensures smoother movement of product from manufacturing base or bond store to the customer

In the case of perishables, reduction in supply chain steps can only be of benefit to handlers of product with limited shelf life.

Using its existing product and technologies alongside solution-specific developments, Industrial Conveying Australia is currently developing several turnkey projects for Australian companies undertaking this cultural change.

Among these technologies are:

• Automated transport loading and unloading systems including handling unit loads or complete truck loads.

• Pallet handing systems such as multi-lane palletising equipment, to organise truck loads ready for dispatch.

• Elevators and spiral conveyors for non-palletised goods transfer between different floor levels, powered roller conveyor and lift tables.

For more information contact Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd. on 

Schaefer Sydney comes alive

Display and Storage Techniques (Aust) Pty Ltd has joined forces with the world’s largest supplier of industrial storage equipment, SSI Schaefer, and at the same time secured two industry heavyweights.

Graham Eastick and Martin Bates have joined Display and Storage, to form Schaefer Sydney, SSI Schaefer’s newest distributor. Schaefer Sydney will operate in NSW and the ACT, offering a wide range of industrial storage equipment from one source. 

Martin Bates said: “It is very exciting taking on the Schaefer brand in a market like Sydney. Graham Eastick and I will continue the great work done by the Display and Storage team to date bringing significant presence and in turn market share to Schaefer.

“Our customers will enjoy the best value-adding solutions from a team of industry professionals. As we build our team, customer outcomes will be the focus,” he said.

Operating out of its Moorebank premises, Schaefer Sydney claims to have the widest range of stock on hand in NSW, covering industrial pallet racking, hand-loaded shelving, small parts storage systems, multi tier mezzanine floors and a wide range of plastic storage containers – in fact, anything at all to do with storage. 

For more information on Schaefer Sydney on (02) 9602 0022.

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