Woolworths ups IT investment

Woolworths has invested further in its supply chain redevelopment programme by adding sophisticated business process management (BPM) capabilities and continued on its move towards service-oriented architecture (SOA).

webMethods Optimize, Software AG’s business activity monitoring (BAM) solution, will provide Woolworths with real-time insight into how their supply chain processes are performing, what’s working well, where there may be bottlenecks and why, and what can be improved. It will allow Woolworths to create and build process strategies against its business vision, defining and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for people, process and system performance throughout their supply chain.

Software AG is also providing CentraSite, which will underpin Woolworths’ entire service-oriented architecture, including the business activity monitoring component, by providing a registry and repository for SOA artefacts and governance throughout the entire SOA lifecycle.

These investments will assist Woolworths in meeting its strategic goals of enhancing IT and business agility in the face of constant business change; enabling implementation and use of enterprise-wide processes and services; better aligning IT with the business; and reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Woolworths CIO Daniel Beecham said: “webMethods has been a key element in the technology platform that has helped us revolutionise our logistics business. The confidence we gained from that program encouraged us to further leverage our webMethods investment in the areas of SOA and Process.”

In 2006, Woolworths had named webMethods [now Software AG webMethods] its “IT Supplier of the Year” for enabling software.  This was based on the quantitative results of the retailer’s quarterly vendor performance assessment and recognised the significant contributions made in advancing Woolworths’ business objectives.  The retailer had previously standardised on the webMethods Suite as its integration standard, which has allowed Woolworths to more rapidly integrate new acquisition, automate and streamline core processes, and extend real-time visibility across key partners.


CHEP snares Woolworths deal

CHEP has announced a six-year service agreement with Australia’s leading fresh food retailer Woolworths Limited.

Under the agreement, CHEP will supply and manage its specially-designed collapsible produce crates to Woolworths’ Vendors who will exclusively provide Produce packed in the new crates to Woolworths supermarkets across Australia and New Zealand.

The president of CHEP Asia-Pacific, Howard Wigham, said the agreement was the largest in the history of CHEP in the Asia-Pacific region, and would double CHEP’s ‘Fresh’ business.

“This agreement will set a benchmark in supply chain efficiency, safety and environmental performance, placing leading-edge foldable crates into Australia’s fresh produce supply chain, delivering best-in-class performance for the first time,” Mr Wigham said.

“It covers the supply, tracking, retrieval and inspection of used crates, and the repairing, washing and relocating of the crates for their next use.

The reusable, returnable and recyclable crates will carry produce from farm to supermarket shelves.

Mr Wigham said CHEP Asia-Pacific searched the globe to develop a fresh produce system that delivers optimal value, helps reduce OH&S risks associated with manual handling, is environmentally efficient and protects the quality of produce from the farm to the supermarket shelf.

As part of the undertaking, CHEP will upgrade its crate-washing service centre network with recycling systems that cut water usage and sewer discharge by up to 90 per cent.

“This major initiative will help us work towards our vision of leaner, greener and safer supply chain solutions across Asia-Pacific,” Mr Wigham said.

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